Mass of Avogardo variety of atoms that `.^(12)C` is exactly `12 g`. Avogadro's number, `N_(A)` has actually the worth `6.02 xx 10^(23) "atoms" mol^(-1)` ltbtgt Thus, the mass of one carbon atom is `(0.0012 kg)/(6.02 xx 10^(23) "atom") =1.99 xx 10^(-26)kg` since one ctom the `.^(12)C` is characterized to have actually a fixed of `12 u`, we find that ` 1u =(1.99xx 10^(26) kg)/(12) =1.66xx10^(-27) kg`.

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)C`). If the number of free electrons per unit volume is `8.5 xx 10^(28)//m^(3)` and also resistivity `rho = 1.7 xx 10^(8) Omega-m`. Given that mass of electron `= 9.1 xx 10^(-31) kg` `e = 1.6 xx 10^(-19)C and also k = 1 .36 xx 10^(-23) JK^(-1)`" style="width:100%;height:;"/>


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