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Driven by a sense of care, Ezra is cursed to make much more services available to much more families.

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Why Ezra

Why Ezra

Because we take your wellness personally, us give treatment on the an individual level.



Get her Pfizer vaccine this day at our vaccine site located at 1278 60th street, Brooklyn, NY. Walk-ins are welcome ~ above Monday-Thursday indigenous 9:00AM-4:00PM

360o CareTM - a model designed roughly you

We carry your health complete circle v close communication and also coordination among all your medical professionals.




Our primary treatment department is recognized for maintaining legendary treatment standards and a vibrant, kid-friendly environment including a especially outfitted wait room, cheerfully designed test rooms, and also professional doctors and nurses that make all the difference.

inner Medicine

We take an excellent pride in offering patients v the ideal medical fist from birth with infancy, throughout the toddler years, childhood, teenager age, adulthood and the golden years. Best of all, we administer patients v the ultimate remedy: peace of mind.

behavior Health

Ezra offers behavioral health treatment in a expert office setting where privacy and also confidentiality space valued and also highly respected. Our trained experts understand the requirements of the community, and offer services in number of languages, including Yiddish. We administer therapy come children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. We job-related on personal growth, depression, postpartum depression, peer and social pressures, parenting, family and also relationship conflicts, anxiety, fears, phobias, loss, grief, trauma, self development & development.


Working carefully with our doctors, ours Nutrition department provides nutritional counseling for all ages. Nutrition specialties include weight management, diabetes management, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, cradle disorders, food allergies, pediatrics and pre-natal nutrition.

Aqua therapy

This exciting, modern physical therapy routine utilizes the various benefits of warm water come facilitate healing and also increased function. Aqua therapy can be perfect introduction, or complement, to land-based physics therapy.

Physical therapy

For rehabilitation adhering to injury or surgery, Ezra"s physical treatment services market the ideal in rehabilitative restore plans. Our vibrantly decorated therapy rooms space outfitted v all the weights, bands and also balls offered in traditional physical therapy, in addition to one-of-a-kind PT treadmills and a PT table for more advanced therapeutic targeting.

Pediatric Dentistry

Proper oral treatment is critical in early on years come identify and correct problems that may reason health issues later on. Ezra"s pediatric specialists room trained to address the specific oral health needs of children"s advance while offering a positive dental experience, building towards a heathy future.

general Dentistry

Being under the treatment of the best dentist is crucial to permanent dental health. From traditional cleanings and also checkups to more complicated dental work, our experienced dentists and hygienists supply a level the oral treatment guaranteed come brighten your smile.

School-Based Dentistry

Parents" work schedules, kids" institution schedules, and also lack of transport make it daunting for children to receive consistent dental treatment. Ezra cares, i beg your pardon is why our mobile institution Based Dental routine visits ar schools ~ above a consistent basis throughout the year, providing critical preventive and restorative oral care.


Ezra"s optometry room is where we administer comprehensive eye care for program eye exams including prescribing eyeglasses and also treating eye diseases. Additionally, our optometrists space specially trained in offering vision therapy services.


At Ezra, dermatology go far past skin deep. Ours dermatologists are renowned for remarkable cumulative skills and the foresight to present novel ideologies that ensure precise diagnosis and also healing.


The foot professionals at Ezra skillfully aid you put your best foot forward. Visit us for every little thing from routine treatment to orthotic treatment and also laster treatment, diabetic foot exams and also much more.

Women"s health and wellness

From prenatal visits and also sonograms to fine visits and also laparoscopic surgery, endure an attentive, supportive care environment. Access every organization that falls under obstetric and gynecological healthcare, including preventative medicine and personalized guidance throughout your entire care cycle-including pregnant health, postpartum care, menopausal support and also more.

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