Kilometer per hour is a measure up of speed, typically used in nations that use the metric system. In this countries, roadway speed limits are calculation in kilometers per hour, i beg your pardon is abbreviated together kph or km/h. Together its name implies, this unit represents the distance (in kilometers) traveled by an item for one hour. This measure up is normally an average, that is, if a automobile traveled the distance of 210 km in between two cities and also to take this route, it took an hour and a half, so we will obtain a rate of 140 kilometers per hour (140 km/h). This does not obviously median that the car has constantly change at this speed, there might be parts of the course on i beg your pardon it has actually been faster and parts whereby it has circulated an ext slowly.

Mile every Hour is a unit of measure provided in the united Kingdom and the United states to express rate in terms of the variety of ground miles traveled for one hour. The acronym supplied to abbreviate mile every hour is mph. It need to be provided that there room several species of mile (such as the soil mile or the sea mile), so the conversion of speeds stated in miles every hour depends on the context in which the is inserted. Several English-speaking countries use this speed measure to collection boundaries top top roads. Interestingly, Canada is just one of the couple of countries in the world, at which train speed is measured in miles per hour, however the rate of the dare on the roadways is measure up in kilometers every hour.

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Math Formula


Conversion Examples

kph to mphkph come mph
5 kph = 3,1069 mph60 kph = 37,2823 mph
10 kph = 6,2137 mph70 kph = 43,4960 mph
15 kph = 9,3206 mph80 kph = 49,7097 mph
20 kph = 12,4274 mph90 kph = 55,9234 mph
25 kph = 15,5343 mph100 kph = 62,1371 mph
30 kph = 18,6411 mph120 kph = 74,5645 mph
35 kph = 21,7480 mph150 kph = 93,2057 mph
40 kph = 24,8548 mph200 kph = 124,2742 mph
45 kph = 27,9617 mph220 kph = 136,7017 mph
50 kph = 31,0686 mph250 kph = 155,3428 mph
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