If you have actually this coin, you have actually either a very beneficial one, or you have actually ciub that is worth practically nothing. How"s the for narrowing it down?!During the civil War, the Confederate (southern) states of America authorize two types of coinage: a one cent piece and a half dollar. (See ours write-up on the one cent piece at this historicsweetsballroom.com link.) They minted very few of each, for this reason if you have a genuine, original CSA half dollar, you have a coin worth 10s of thousands of US dollars today. Genuine CSA fifty percent dollars are so rare the the coin catalogs execute not even list an approximated value! The coin in our main snapshot to the ideal is a actual piece.In enhancement to actual coins, a guy named J W Scott derived the reverse die offered to make the actual coins during the late 1800s. (A die is a item of hard metal provided to win patterns into coin blanks.) Scott supplied the genuine die to mint a tiny quantity that restrike coins. These space worth $3000 to $10000 today, relying on condition. The restrikes have actually only the turning back ("tails" side) that the coin as shown; the obverse ("heads" side) go not have actually the Confederate design; other designs show up instead. These include wordy explanations and Lady Liberty numbers from Union half dollars. Over there is fantastic explanation of Confederate restrikes in ~ CoinAuctionsHelp.com .Sometimes you check out a fantasy coin with two "tails" sides. These are produced in contemporary times and also are worth really little.Virtually all the CSA half dollars you see today are replica coins. Replicas are totally different than restrikes. Restrikes are beneficial and are produced with real dies, while replicas space worth around zero, a couple of dollars in ~ most, and are developed by modern, non-CSA dies. When replicas room not specific and just resemble actual coins, they room sometimes dubbed fantasy coins. A reader called Jim told us about his fantasy coin with two "tails" sides, one with "1861" and also one v "HALF DOL." Fantasy coins, like replicas, carry really low values. There might be a couple of fantasy collectors, yet most coin collectors want actual coins for your collections, no make-believes. See more info in the comments ar below.Rick Snow, experienced numismatist that Eagle Eye rarely Coins in Tucson, Arizona, has actually a comprehensive article ~ above Confederate fifty percent dollars ~ above the Collector"s Universe net site, situated at this link.US rare Coin investments in harbor Charlotte, Florida, has actually a Scott restrike because that sale.The picture of the actual coin originates from the man J. Ford, Jr. Collection, courtesy that Stacks Bowers Galleries with locations worldwide.The arsenal of images below show numerous comparisons of genuine, restrike, and replica coins.

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You deserve to see minor differences in between the designs of the replicas. The genuine and restrike pieces look the same, since they are produced using the very same (genuine) die.(1) actual coin, essentially priceless (thanks to Stacks Bowers)(2) Scott restrike, precious 1000s of united state dollars (thanks to united state Rare Coin Investments)(3) usual replica struck as a souvenir, precious zero(4) Silver arts round, worth its load in silver- (see this link)(5) Replica v word COPY, precious a few dollars(6) another replica with COPY, worth a few dollars

Coin: 1114, Genre: united States, Timeline: people Created (yyyymm): 200907, last review: 201904 Appearance: common round coin Metallic gray Letters: Latin Years: sort: 1861, filter: 1861 to 1861 Image: us_confederate_half_dollar.jpg original inquiry: confederate claims of america fifty percent dol shield branches woman shield liberty role flag 13 stars seated cap liberty shield wreath silver confederate drapery hat lid headdress ribbon pole rod employee flower fleur pipeline leaf wreath star starburst eight shield comb