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The 1933 $20 Saint Gaudens Gold dual Eagle is among the most famous and also most an useful of all us coins. It has actually a unique background related come the an excellent Depression and also even major legal disputes today. 445500 of this coins were actually created in 1933 - however none of them entered circulation.During the height of the good Depression: chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt signed executive Order 6102 which dubbed for the confiscation of gold to the commonwealth Reserve - i m sorry outlawed circulation and also private possession of us gold coins through the exemption of collectible gold coins. The 1933 twin eagle yellow coins were struck after ~ the executive order to be signed. Due to the fact that gold coins to be no much longer legal soft - nearly every one of them to be melted down. Only 2 coins were deliberately saved by the us Mint and also presented to the US national Numismatic arsenal at the Smithsonian Institute. But - these space not the just 1933 dual eagles to survive.About 20 of these coins were stolen native the us Mint before the remainder were melted. These coins acquired into the hands of collectors v Israel Swift that was a Philadelphia jeweler (who later admitted marketing the coins yet couldn"t remember just how he derived them). This coins traded hands between collectors for years before the an enig Service became aware of these coins showing up at a Stack"s Bowers auction. The first investigation was launched in in march of 1944. 7 coins to be recovered that same year in addition to one in 1945 and finally a full of 10 coins were recovered by 1952 - every one of these were damaged by the us Mint.One coin was got by King Farouk that Egypt. The purchased the coin in 1944 and applied to the united state Treasury Department because that an export patent for this coin - which was erroneously approved only days prior to the united state Mint theft was discovered. The Treasury Department offered diplomatic channels and also attempted to recover the coin - but was not successful during civilization War II. In 1952 the King was deposed in a coup d"etat and also his possessions went approximately public auction - including the 1933 $20 Saint Gaudens double eagle. The united state again requested that the coin be returned and Egypt did agree - however the coin mysteriously disappeared and also wouldn"t be viewed again for over 40 years.In 1996 - a british coin dealer Stephen Fenton to be arrested in a sting procedure by the mystery Service. He later admitted the this was the King Farouk coin and also the charges to be dropped. The tried to protect the property of the coin in court. In 2001 - the situation was settled and it to be agreed the the property of the coin would be reverted earlier to the US government - and then the coin can be legally marketed at auction. The federal government issued a file to officially and also formally "issue and monetize" the coin as legal soft again. This coin was actually organized in a treasury vault in the people Trade center until July 2001 once the situation was cleared up - only two months prior to the structures were destroyed. The coin was hosted at fort Knox after July. Top top July 30 the 2002: the coin was sold at a fast 9 minute-long Sotheby"s auction for $6.6 Million add to a 15% buyers premium and $20 come "monetize" the coin so the would become legal tender - a total cost that $7590020.00. Half of the bid plus $20 went to the united state Treasury and the other half went come Stephen Fenton. Due to this particular coin"s rich history - the is maybe the solitary most an important US coin ever.In 2005: 10 an ext coins to be recovered native the family members of Israel Swift - who initially sold the an initial 10 coins earlier in the 1930s and 1940s. Joan Swift Langbord voluntarily surrendered the coins to the secret Service and the coins to be authenticated. This case went come trial in 2011 and a jury unanimously ruled in donate of the US government retaining ownership of these 10 coins. Technically this coins can not be legally own by any type of member of the general public - through the exception of the single King Farouk piece sold in 2002. Over there is an dispute that the coins may have been derived legally by trading gold bullion for coins within a 3-week home window between march 15 and April 15 of 1933 as soon as Roosevelt"s executive order was still gift finalized - even though the coins were never ever issued to the public. In April that 2015 - a us Federal Appeals Court ordered that the coins be went back to Langbord because they were seized improperly - but the order to be reversed in July. Together of October 2015 - the third Circuit Court of Appeals still hearing arguments and also a final decision is expected sometime in spring of 2016 on whether Landbord will be able to keep the ten 1933 $20 dual eagles. Coin worth Chart: common Coin Prices, Values and Worth in USD based upon Grade/Condition Good(G-4) an extremely Good(VG-8) Fine(F-12) very Fine(VF-20) incredibly Fine(EF-40) about Uncirculated(AU-50) Uncirculated(MS-60) Uncirculated(MS-63) Proof(PR-63)
USA Coin book Estimated worth of 1933 Saint Gaudens gold $20 dual Eagle is precious $8,645,503 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. Click here to Learn just how to usage Coin Price Charts. Also, click right here to Learn around Grading Coins.

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