The heater is not working. It will occupational if the truck runs at 45 mph or much faster . There is not a leak from mine radiator or heater in or exterior the vehicle and also i'm not losing fluid levels . In search of a diagnosis and instructions on repair.

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the sounds favor the heater core have the right to be clogged yet to it is in sure allows run down this guide to assist fix it us understand what happens and also please upload photos or videos of the problem.

Water pump went poor replaced it after this the truck seemed to not even rise over 120 degrees maybe higher not genuine sure yet never came up to common operating temp. I replaced the thermostat. Van is currently running normal. The problem is I deserve to not get the heater come blow warm air. The blows yet not hot. The heater main point messed up in 2001 and also it was changed also. Quiet not sure what the trouble is despite any assist would be greatly appreciated. N. Stewart

First, shot getting the engine warm and then discover a bleeder top top the system. Purge the device of any type of air. Second, inspect the heater hoses to see if they room both hot.It could be air in the system, the damper on a plenum can be not opening, or a valve top top the heater hose from the thermostat is not opening and also is comtrolled by vacuum, electrical or cable.
I checked the hoses and everything appeared fine. Ns then checked to view if the heater core was stopped up. Ns am not sure if this is the correct means to do it but it helped. I acquired my air compressor and removed the heater main point hoses through the firewall. I then put on rubber gloes and some goggles and stood clear and also blew through each hole with the waiting compressor. Well lengthy story short it worked and also now we have heat.Thanks again, Nathan :D
The problem im having actually with mine 1996 Silverado v 96,000 miles, the other day the heater quit blowing warm air and also when I change the regulate postion the dash or any type of position that will just blow cold air through the defrost vents, the blower regulate (hi-lo) tho works.Any assist would be significantly appreciated since it is winter and also cold.
Look because that a broken vacuum hose. This will permit the air flow to be distibuted to the vents, floor, etc. The cold air could result in, the thermostat being stuck open, the blender door no moving, or the heater main point being plugged up. Let me know, and great luck :)
I have actually a 1995 chevy 1500 job-related truck. Yesterday heater stopped working and also temp gauge was fluctuating between 210 and 235. Occasionally warmth would come ago on and temp fall to between 150 - 210. Do I have to replace thermostat?

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The thermostat is a good place to begin as they space not too expensive and also it"s not unusual for it to fail v the mileage and age of her truck.Next time you have actually the truck as much as temp, open up the hood and squeeze the top radiator hose to make sure the system is stop pressure. Radiator caps have the right to fail also sooner 보다 thermostats or periodically the seal can acquire contaminants on that from the overflow cycle fluid. At least inspect for pressure and when the van is cool examine to watch if the cap seal is good and the mating surface clean. You might want to walk ahead and replace it anyway.The next thing come look at would certainly be the cooling fan.With the truck at temp, make certain the pan is coming on. The pan switch or relay could be bad. If you put the A/C on next time the heats up the fan have to come on to cool the condenser, if you have 2 fans just the condenser will certainly come on, and it should drop the temp. The condenser pan does not come on through the cooling pan switch, so don"t dominance it out yet.Hope this helps and also I will keep an eye ~ above the article if you need anything else.