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how"s everyone? obtained a concern on my 95 ody. When I start to drive the D4 irradiate starts to blink and the car will no longer shift into fourth gear and also it will certainly not kick under if you punch it. Any type of ideas would be helpful

Sound like a transmissionn problem. I"m not an skilled here but maybe the talk converter or lock-up regulate solenoid?
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so the light only turns on once u journey (i had a 95 that did the exact same i readjusted the tcm and it took care of the trouble )
do some in search of the details on just how to retrieve the password , on my accord we saw the "service check connector" and then the code would certainly flash v the d4 light as soon as the ig. Was turned on ,, i am sure anyone through a business manual might then tell girlfriend what the password is.

Download the 1994 Accord manual (44.74MB) from this website."ll require acrobat reader to open up it native Revolve to web page 14-48 - Troubleshooting procedures. It speak you just how to get the codes favor onemanauto mentions. Just use a file clip on the company check connector. Great Luck!
2007 Odyssey EXL 105,000km2011 civic SE 40,000km"95 Odyssey 289,000km SOLD!"99 civic 4dr SE 160,000km - Totalled by deer"92 public 446,000km SOLD!
It might be the speed sensor.Its is located simply by the appropriate hand next of the auto transmission graebox.It is visible from the outside.This can be the reason.Good Luck..

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So, I also have a 1995 Odyssey EX (only OBD-1, not OBD-2). Mine D4 light currently starts flashing stability after i drive and start come reach about 25 mph. Once I stop and also turn off the car and also then restart the car, that won"t start flashing again till I again start to drive and hit about 25 mph. Ns jumped the OBD-1 check connector and turned the ignition switch to accessory, expecting the D4 light to walk on and also flash a code pattern. However the D4 irradiate did nothing. There was no blinking inspect engine light either. Due to the fact that the transmission control module is apparently not registering and also storing an error code, carry out you think this way that the transmission control module is faulty? note that I just recently had actually to replace the ECU/PCM since it was shot and not issuing a signal to the fuel pump to turn on...but this flashing D4 issue was also happening with the ahead ECU as well. Or is over there something that I"m missing here and does a tranny shop have the ability to read a transmission error password that i cannot utilizing the over method?