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it could probably be done yet you would have actually to obtain a filter that deserve to with stand the lot of push that the fuel pump would certainly be pumping.
I was going to download an inline filter also, on my 98 1500 through 5.2 engine, but I found that the fuel lines are plastic from the tank come the engine, so i guess we room out of luck.
plus girlfriend would need one for a fuel injected motor. The $7 systems you view at autozone would explode since they are seeing 10x the pressure they are an alleged to. They make FI Filters yet there no cheap. The mallory unit operation $150+
I think there"s 2 filter on the fuel modual on her truck currently (I"ve obtained on at my desk, I"ll check it tomorrow). One filter sock on the out side the the module and another inside the module. The function is the an initial filters tank gas right into the reservior, and the second filters fuel into the pump itself. The reservoir funtion of the module is to host fuel when the engine is turned off, therefore the pump constantly has a supply, also when the tank is under 1/2 full.Mike Sa

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