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I have a 98 lamb 1500 qc 5.9 with manufacturing facility installed tow pkg that ns bought new. I have actually just purchased another fifth wheel camper that has a dry load of 6500#s and max. Invited wt of 7800#s. My truck is rated to tow 8100#s. I have actually questions about the towing the this camper.1. What is the differential equipment ratio on among these trucks?2. What every is included in the manufacturing facility tow package? any comments concerning this would certainly be welcomed.Thanks,Walter
i have actually the exact same truck with 4wd and it has minimal slip rear diff through 3:55 gears. Not certain what every extra came through the tow parcel though.
Did the come through the "HEAVY DUTY COOLING PKG" or simply the "Tow Package"? I found out the hard means that there"s a difference.
well v the tow package friend should have actually 4.10 equipment ratio in it. Most came stock at 3.55 or possibly 3.93. The tow package should also have some kind of tranny coller included but it could not be a heavy duty one ns really to be not certain on that. I obtained a stick and also not tow package.
I have the HD class (which is the tranny cooler package) and I have the towing package and I have actually 3.55 gears.
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Mine has actually the 3.55 Gears, factory Tow package (which equals the wiring exploit & tow bar). Mine likewise has the hefty duty cooling group, which means tranny cooler, power steering cooler, and also I believe one various other thing.I"ve tried to discover something that files exactly what it means, however haven"t yet.My mistake to be that ns was told the the manufacturing facility tow package = extra coolers because that towing (makes feeling right?), but at the moment one didn"t instantly mean the other and I finished up cooking my transmission. In ~ the time, Ford & Chevy both meant that the factory tow package had the coolers, just not Dodge. Mine fault because that listening to know-it-all types...BTW...if her trailer weight invited is 7800#, you realize you"re 300# from gift at max volume as long as the truck is totally empty right? any gear, passengers, etc. In the truck will minimize that 8100# number down by the weight of the gear. So...1 bigger passenger, or one smaller sized one, plus any kind of gear, and also you"re most likely at or over your tow limit.