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I have actually 1998 Toyota Camry LE, 4 Cylinders.It has actually engine irradiate On. Error code reflects replace Mass air flow Sensor. Have the right to I know where ar of MAF in 1998 Toyota Camry LE, 4 Cylinders
MAFs are in the input air flow - upstream that the throttle body. Depending upon how it functions you may have the ability to just clean it?Are you sure you have a MAF, no a MAP?
I cheked the engine irradiate at Autozone and also it mirrors Mass air flow sensor. Ns tried to find it in my camry however I deserve to not locate it. I am not sure it is MAF or MAP. I am certain that Error password was replace Mass Air circulation Sensor.
The MAP actions pressure differential and is located in the input plenum with vacuum pipe going come it. A MAF uses electric connection, not vacuum.See
Stillrunning, many thanks for your reply and also sharing Video. However my camry is 1998 the is different from 2010 you presented in Video.

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If you have a 5S-FE climate it has a MAP, over there is no MAF sensor. Occasionally the generic code meanings on some scanners room wrong, short article the password up here and we can help you further
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The vid was simply a generalization, yet pretty lot all MAFs are the same - through a little imagination friend should be able to figure the out.Do no take the password readers in ~ the components store with any kind that confidence, similar to the parts respond to guys - codes suggest in a direction no an actual solution.
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