This considerable Explorer stereotype wiring diagram help you complete any kind of Ford radio install. Gift able to determine what Ford traveler stereo wires go a long means towards upgrading her sound system. One of the an ext common explorer upgrades, there room many choices for her stereo.

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With so plenty of generations of the Explorer, it deserve to be a challenge to recognize stereo wiring. Numerous of the vehicles that the Ford explorer is based upon will also feature the very same stereo wiring. This includes vehicles such together the Lincoln or Mercury, and the Mazda Navajo.

Today we will certainly be covering explorer stereo wiring over all 6 generations. This an extensive Ford stereo guide can help you complete any type of stereo install.

Ford explorer stereo wiring guide

When you desire to upgrade your traveler stereo, this is the overview for you. Upgrading your Ford speaker or the explorer head unit is made simple with this tutorial. You can even use this guide to install her factory traveler stereo as well. This traveler stereo wiring schematic consists the year varieties of 1991-2020.

Installing an aftermarket explorer stereo is easy when you usage our radio wiring diagram. Usage this wiring overview to assist you install an upgraded traveler stereo or navigation device of your choice. Want to include smart attributes such as infotainment or also Alexa? We’ve gained you covered.

Kicking off our traveler stereo wiring overview is the very first generation Ford. Spanning the year arrays of 1991-1994, the early Explorer leaves much to be wanted as much as the stereotype goes.

Wiring increase a solitary DIN stereo in your explorer is straightforward in this year’s range. Because of the straightforward Explorer wiring, you can upgrade her radio easily and include Explorer speakers of her choosing.

Believe the or not, installation an FM modulator or extr stereo add-on deserve to be an even easier way to upgrade your traveler stereo.

First GenExplorer stereotype Wiring1991–1994

There’s a lot to like about the first-generation Explorer, yet the stereo more than likely isn’t one of them. Despite that there are countless Ford fans that revive or rebuild these standard SUV’s. The explorer shares many of the features discovered in the trucks of this year variety as well.

Explorer Radio Battery constant 12v+ Wire: light Green/YellowExplorer Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Yellow/BlackExplorer Radio soil Wire: Red or Black explorer WireExplorer Radio Illumination Wire: Orange / BlackExplorer Remote power / Amp cable : Blue

This have to be much more than enough for girlfriend to wire up your traveler stereo. You can likewise complete any kind of Ford amplifier installation through this team of wires. We will certainly now relocate onto the Ford explorer speaker wiring.

Left former Speaker hopeful Wire: Orange / irradiate GreenLeft former Speaker an adverse Wire: irradiate Blue / WhiteRight front Speaker confident Wire: White / light GreenRight prior Speaker negative Wire: Pink / irradiate GreenLeft behind Speaker positive Wire: Pink/Light GreenLeft rear Speaker an unfavorable Wire: Tan/YellowRight rear Speaker optimistic Wire: Orange / RedRight behind Speaker negative Wire: black color / White

Using the following explorer speaker wiring outline, you can install any type of aftermarket stereo into your Ford.

Second Gen Explorer stereotype Wiring 1995–2001

With end 6 year of production, this certain Explorer is very popular. Although double DIN stereos can fit in the Ford, countless times the will need an environment kit. These stereo install kits are advantageous to properly install her upgraded explorer radio.

Own a Ford in between the year arrays of 1995-2001? Need traveler stereo wiring job yet not sure where to find it? inspect it out below.


Explorer Radio Battery constant 12v+ Wire: eco-friendly / VioletFord Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Yellow / BlackRadio floor Wire: black / light GreenRadio Illumination Wire: irradiate Blue / Red

When installation your brand-new Explorer stereo, take care approximately the radio bezel. This bezel can be exposed come the elements, making it brittle and easy come crack. The Ford explorer stereo antenna wire is Orange v a Blue stripe.

There are a few variants of the Ford traveler that encompass an amplifier. If your explorer amp is blown, or does no send signal consider upgrading it immediately. If you occur to have an traveler amplifier, the wire trigger is Blue.

Left former Speaker optimistic Wire: Orange / light GreenLeft prior Speaker an adverse Wire: light Blue / WhiteRight prior Speaker optimistic Wire: White / irradiate GreenRight prior Speaker an unfavorable Wire: Dark green / Orange

The explorer speakers up front are basic to gain to. The interior of this generation Ford renders things reasonably simple to modify.

Left rear Speaker positive Wire: Gray / irradiate BlueLeft behind Speaker an unfavorable Wire: Tan / YellowRight behind Speaker positive Wire: Orange / RedRight behind Speaker an adverse Wire: Brown / Pink

For those looking for a far Explorer trigger wire, you deserve to use the ignition switch. This enables you to conveniently install equipment to your explorer stereo. Things favor a navigation system or MP3 player is made simple with the right kit.

Third Gen Explorer stereotype Wiring 2002-2005

When Ford unveiled this variation of the venerable Explorer, over there were plenty of upgrades. Among the largest steps forward to be the traveler stereo, which had actually much to be desired.

Many of the questions I get around Explorer stereotype wiring have to do v the Eddie Bauer editions. This are an extremely popular so if you require the stereo wiring schematic, it’s below!

Radio Battery continuous 12v+ Wire: White / YellowRadio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: black color / PinkRadio soil Wire: black color / BlueRadio Illumination Wire: irradiate Blue / Red

Ford explorer stereo dimmer wire: Red / Black

The front explorer speakers room a tad tougher to accessibility than in vault generations. In spite of that, upgrading Ford speaker is not difficult at all. Traveler speaker wires up front room as follows:

Left prior Speaker confident Wire: Orange / light GreenLeft front Speaker an unfavorable Wire: light Blue / WhiteRight prior Speaker positive Wire: White / irradiate GreenRight front Speaker negative Wire: Dark green / Orange

When it comes to the speakers in the rear of your traveler things are much easier. Since of the layout of the Ford and the manner in i m sorry you have the right to easily accessibility these speaker wires, it renders upgrades straightforward.

Left rear Speaker hopeful Wire: Gray / irradiate BlueLeft rear Speaker negative Wire: Tan / YellowRight rear Speaker confident Wire: Orange / RedRight rear Speaker an adverse Wire: Brown / Pink

Fourth Gen Explorer stereo Wiring 2006-2010

Eddie Bauer Edition traveler stereo systems have slightly different configurations because that this year range. Regardless of the additional audio upgrades in her Explorer, this wiring diagram is correct.

Radio Battery consistent 12v+ Wire: Blue / RedRadio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: green / WhiteRadio floor Wire: black / BlueRadio Illumination Wire: irradiate Blue / Red


Unlike the previous generation Ford, this year traveler stereo dimmer wire is not present. There space a few ways to get roughly this problem if you really want a way to dim your stereotype lights.

Left former Speaker confident Wire: WhiteLeft front Speaker negative Wire: White / BrownRight front Speaker confident Wire: White / PurpleRight former Speaker an adverse Wire: White / Orange

Recently upgraded your explorer stereo however don’t choose the new sound? did you retain your factory speakers? If so opportunities are the the new stereo mechanism is operating on a different ohm variety than your explorer speakers.

Install one amplifier, or simply replace your Ford speakers to gain the true sound you space after.

Left behind Speaker confident Wire: Brown / GreenLeft rear Speaker an unfavorable Wire: Brown / YellowRight rear Speaker confident Wire: Brown / WhiteRight rear Speaker an unfavorable Wire: Brown / Blue

Fifth Gen Explorer stereotype Wiring 2011-2019

The last of the Explorer’s prior to the 2020 redesign, the fifth-generation Ford has many features conventional that others just do not. Still, there’s a lot come like around this year variety Explorer, especially if you are an audiophile.

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Radio Battery constant 12v+ Wire: Gray / RedRadio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: black color / BlueRadio soil Wire: Ground come ChassisRadio Amp create Wire: purple / Red

Whether you own an Eddie Bauer Edition explorer or not, the amplifier ar is still the same. Look at behind the rear right panel of her trunk to uncover your traveler amplifier.

Left prior Speaker optimistic Wire: WhiteLeft former Speaker an unfavorable Wire: White / BrownRight front Speaker optimistic Wire: White / PurpleRight front Speaker an adverse Wire: White / Orange

The 6″x 8″ speakers size for the Ford explorer are not precisely standard, but can be upgraded.

Left behind Speaker positive Wire: White / GreenLeft behind Speaker an unfavorable Wire: Brown / YellowRight behind Speaker optimistic Wire: Brown / WhiteRight rear Speaker an adverse Wire: Brown / Blue

Have any kind of questions around our Explorer stereotype wiring guide? Leave us a comment below and also let us know!