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Can somebody tell me whereby this is??? I have actually checked the forum, and the chart under the hood.....doesn"t really help!.....Is is under the intake plenum???? I see something bolted come the block through an elec plug that i think "could" it is in it.......any aid would be appreciated!!!!!Thanks
side the the block under the intake plenum. Should have actually a vac (hard plastic) heat running as much as your accelerator body, simply follow that down
side that the block under the intake plenum. Should have a vac (hard plastic) heat running up to your throttle body, simply follow it down
Here space pictures. Stick a flathead driver in from the front to release the clip. Bending the steel tab ago up before putting the new valve on; I had actually to take it mine back off bending it and also get it to lock in place.

On my 1999 it is top top the best side that the engine next to the coils. Basic to gain to, if you eliminate the right front tire and go in through the inside fender.
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