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No crank,all lights work. Theft irradiate blinks every 2seconds in begin mode and in an essential off mode. Pcm diode to be bad,replaced it. Put wire throughout starter relay link 30 come 85 and also starter operated without crucial on. OBII will not read. Says failure to read. Changed ignition switch. Quiet nothing. Every fuses and relays that need to do with starting and PCM room good. Vital is the just one we ever before had. Is over there an anti theft module? Don"t understand where to walk from here. Also, I have replaced neutral switch. Ns do have actually power on one next of pcm diode when an essential is on. I have power to pin 30 on starter relay. Deserve to I bypass anti theft module.

Antitheft and also Alarm Systems: Description and Operation ANTI-THEFT The passive anti-theft system (PATS) uses radio frequency identification technology to deter a driveaway theft. Passive method that the does not require any activity from the user. The PATS offers a particularly encoded ignition key. Each encoded ignition crucial contains a permanently set up electronic machine called a transponder. Every transponder has a distinctive electronic to know code, through over 72 million billion combinations. Every encoded ignition key must be programmed into the auto powertrain regulate module (PCM) before it deserve to be provided to start the engine. There room special diagnostic procedures that need to be carried out if new encoded ignition secrets are to be configured. The encoded an essential is larger than a traditional ignition key. The crucial does no requirebatteries and should last the life that the vehicle. The transceiver module communicates v the encoded ignition key. This module is situated behind the steering shaft shroud and also contains an antenna associated to a tiny electronic module. Throughout each vehicle start sequence, the transceiver module reads the encoded ignition crucial identification code and sends the data come the PCM. The regulate functions are consisted of in the PCM. This module dead out all of the PATS features such together receiving the identification password from the encoded ignition crucial and controlling engine enable. The PCM initiates the an essential interrogation sequence once the auto ignition switch is turned come ON or START. The PATS duty uses the PCM to permit or disable the engine. All aspects of PATS should be functional prior to the engine is permitted to start. If any kind of of the materials are not working correctly, the car will not start. PATS provides a intuitive theft indicator situated on height of the tool panel. This indicator will prove out for 3 seconds once the ignition switch is turned to ON or start under common operation. If over there is a PATS problem, this indicator will either flash promptly or glow stability (for much more than 3 seconds) once the ignition switch is turned to ON or START. PATS also "flashes" the theft indicator every two seconds at ignition off to act as a visual theft deterrent. The PATS is no compatible through aftermarket remote start systems, which permit the automobile to be started from exterior the vehicle. These systems may reduce the vehicle security level, and likewise may reason no-start issues. Remote begin systems must be removed prior to investigation the PATS-related no-start issues. The PATs key is used on the adhering to Ford household trucks and also suvs: FORD: 1996-2001 MUSTANG, TAURUS 1998-2000 contour 1998-2001 CROWN VICTORIA 2000-2001 emphasis 2002 THUNDERBIRD 1997-2001 exploration 1998-2002 traveler 1999 F-250 LD 1999-2001 F-150, RANGER, WINDSTAR 2000-2001 EXCURSION 2001 escape LINCOLN: 1997-1998 mark VIII 1998-2001 CONTINENTAL, TOWN auto 2000-2001 LS 1998-2001 NAVIGATOR 2002 BLACKWOOD MERCURY: 1996-2001 SABLE 1998-2000 mysticism 1998-2001 cool MARQUIS 1999-2001 COUGAR 1998-2002 MOUNTAINEER Additionally, PATs can be discovered on the monitor Ford household cars and also mini-vans: 1998-up contour 1997-up Crown Victoria 1999-up Escort 2000-up focus 1996-up Mustang and Taurus 1998-up Windstar 1998-up 2000-up Lincoln LS 1998-up Lincoln mark VIII, Lincoln Continental and also Lincoln Town auto 1997-up Mercury grand Marquis 1998-up Mercury mysticism 1996-up Mercury Sable adhering to are the instructions because that programming a blank an essential (you must have actually at least one working crucial for this procedure). The play 1. Make sure you have both keys. 2. Revolve on auto but don"t start. Watch "theft" indicator untils that goes out. 3. Revolve off and also repeat procedure with second key. 4. After "theft irradiate goes out, insert new vital and revolve on. 5. Wait till the theft indicator walk off and then rotate off switch. 6. Wait thirty seconds. New an essential is now programmed into security module. Repeat for any kind of other keys. 1. Erase any kind of old codes by entering the factory code.(buttons will certainly light up) 2. Press 1/2 switch within 5 seconds. 3. Push 7/8 and 9/0 buttons in ~ the same time in ~ 5 seconds. Come set brand-new code: 1. Enter factory password (numbers will light up) 2. Press 1/2 button within 5 seconds. 3. Enter personal 5 number code(decide beforehand) within 5 secs of each previous one. To unlock every the doors,press the 3/4 switch within 5 secs of the driver door unlocking. To lock every doors and collection alarm system,press 7/8 and 9/0 at the same time. Come disarm or reset a motivated alarm,just enter personal or factory code. Perform not set a password with 5 of the exact same consecutive numbers. It"s too basic for thef to number out. Deactivating and Activating Autolock come deactivate the "autolock": v all doors and tailgate closed yet NOT locked,and ignition OFF. 1. Go into 5 digit password 2. If holding 7/8 button in, press and release the 3/4 button. 3. Relax 7/8 button The horn will certainly chirp when if the "autolock" to be deactivated or 2 times if "autolock" to be activated. Come reactivate the system,repeat steps 1 thru 3 Alternate technique To Deactivate and Activate Autolock Do actions <1> through <5> (below) in ~ 30 seconds or you"ll need to do the over. If you have to do the over, wait 30 seconds between attempts. Close every doors securely. 1.Turn the ignition key to ON. 2.Press the strength door UNLOCK control THREE times. 3.Turn the ignition vital from ON come OFF. 4.Press the strength door UNLOCK manage THREE times. 5.Turn the ignition key back to ON .The doors must lock and unlock. 6.Press the strength door UNLOCK control. The horn have to chirp as soon as to confirm effective switching the the autolock device Troubleshooting: The engine does not start and LED stays off. 1. Inspect PATS system fuses 2. If alert is fitted examine if LED features for alarm: if not inspect cigar lighter fuse (also supplied for LED) 3. If not go to key dealer Engine does no start: LED flashes rapidly Leave ignition on until the LED beginning to flash a 2 number code: (sequence- pause-sequence) check the complying with codes: password flashes: 1:3 crucial code no received. Is an essential screened by other keys or objects? shot different key: if it s okay then an initial key is faulty. If no go to main dealer 1:4 Partial code just received. Try again. If no okay use different key. If not go to main dealer 1:5 vital not programmed into PATS.

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Program crucial as above using master 1:6 Faulty link in between PATS module and also EECV walk to dealer . For more information and also troubleshooting tips:PATS-Troubleshooting-DIAGNOSTIC-Service-Tips and:Programming Ford-PATS