The Ford explorer SUV is produced and also sold through the Ford company. It seat at least five human being comfortably and has a powerful enough engine to enable it come tow hefty things prefer boats and trailers. If you journey a Ford traveler than you currently know the you need to sacrifice fuel economic situation for power. When you space towing miscellaneous heavy, your gas mileage will be even worse. One means to acquire the finest fuel mileage the end of your explorer is to regularly change the fuel filter.

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Ensure your vehicle has had actually time to cool down due to the fact that the critical time it was driven. The engine block have to be cool to the touch.

Remove the gas cap from her Ford Explorer and also locate the Schrader valve attached come the vehicle"s fuel line.

Don eye protection and also depress the Schrader valve until no an ext gas and also air come out.

Locate the fuel filter. Her fuel filter will be located underneath the sheet of the automobile on the driver’s side. There might be a plastic cover covering the filter. If so, unbolt it and also remove it.

Take the safety clips off of the end of the filter. Then, use a “quick release” device to eliminate the fuel present that space attached to the filter.

Connect your brand-new filter to the fuel lines making use of the quick release tool to clamp the lines to each end of the filter.

Reinstall the safety clips on the new fuel filter through clamping them on each finish of the filter.

Start your Ford Explorer and run at idle for 5 minutes. Visually verify under the human body of the auto that there are no leaks from the fuel filter area before using the vehicle.


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