Hello, I just finished watching your video on replacing the cam position sensor on a Ford Focus. However, I cannot seem to find where mine is. I followed what you did in your video and it did not look the same. I looked on top of the engine, where I've seen other videos that dealt with the same sensor. Is there another place that it is hiding? Thanks for any help you can provide!

Do you know if you have the DOHC or SOHC engine? DOHC is Dual Over Head Cam and SOHC is Single Over Head Cam. I am attaching both engines as they are in similar locations. Plus the procedure from the manual. Take note of the SOHC or DOHC at the top of the first pages for each process (attachments 4 and 7). Let us know if you have other questions. Thanks




Thank you very much, very helpful. Do you know what size torx head the screw is? Also, is there a trick to getting passed that vacuum thing (shown in your 5th image) in order to get to the bolt? Not sure there is room for a socket.And ours is the DOHC.
I've attached an illustrated actual picture of a dual overhead cam sensor location that is held on by an 8 millimeter bolt. There should nothing obstructing access to this bolt and sensor.
Thanks for the reply. But mine doesn't look like that. I attached a couple of photos from the engine bay. The first is the right side of the engine, which I think is where your last photo is taken. The second is behind the right side of the engine. What I believe is the camshaft position sensor (circled in black). Notice the silver thing that is very close to the bolt holding the sensor in.When I was at the junkyard last week, I saw several around the same year as mine that looked similar to yours, but mine definitely looks different. I wish mine looked like the photo you posted, those are much easier to replace!
That looks like the dual overhead cam engine. So that means that is your cam sensor and not the other ones shown. The attached instructions show the torque spec for the bolt but do not show the size. If you can get a picture of the head of the bolt we may be able to get you close to the correct size.
Is there a picture of or does anyone know where the camshaft position sensor is on the 2.0l sohc 2000 ford focus engine?
It's on the backside of the cylinder head. Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you need anything else to get the problem fixed.

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Please let us know if you need anything else to get the problem fixed.
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