I have actually been in search of the crankshaft sensor, i cannot uncover it. Deserve to you send me photo of whereby it is at? say thanks to you

i did not understand which engine or setup you have so ns am it is registered all three diagrams. One is because that the 4 cylinder or 2.2L and the others room for the 3.3L one with and one without a supercharger.

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Here is a guide that will display you what you room in for once doing the job and also a diagrams listed below giving girlfriend the places for your engine: https://www.historicsweetsballroom.com/articles/crankshaft-angle-sensor-replacementThe location for all models is the same for the Crankshaft place Sensor, CPS. It can be discovered at the height of the prior of the infection housing.Check out the diagrams (below). You re welcome let us recognize if you need anything rather to acquire the trouble fixed.Cheers




ns am having an issue and also I to be not certain what to carry out at this point. Ns will try to be brief as possible. I have a 2003 Xterra super charge 174,000 miles on it. A year earlier the ignition switch went the end in the so replaced that, then the alternator was negative put a brand-new one in. Then in April that this year my timing belt broke. Ns took it come the shop and had the replaced and also they checked for internal damage to the engine and also thank God no problems. A couple of weeks later the SES light came on and also I had actually it checked and also was told the punch sensor to be bad. It to be running unstable so that acquired replaced and still have the very same rough to run engine and also loss of power in addition to the SES light still on. Any type of idea what could be resulting in this?
Crankshaft position Sensor (OBD) (2.4L VIN D)At peak rear of engine, on transmission housing. Crankshaft place Sensor (OBD) (3.3L VIN E)At height rear of engine, on infection housing. Crankshaft position Sensor (OBD) (3.3L VIN M)At height rear that engine, top top transmission housing
I simply wanted come know specifically where is the crankshaft sensor ~ above vehicle? require to adjust it out, but I perform not know where that is exactly.
Can You please Tell Me wherein This Sensor Is Located. Civilization Are telling Me Under The auto On The Driver Side. I carry out Not watch Anything that Look...
I Recently had My timing Belt break Which bent A Bunch the Valves and also The Repair price Is $2225.00. I discovered A brand-new Engine online For $2145.00...

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Im In require Of A complete 2005 Nissan Xterra Engine, Someone readily available To revenue Me A 2001 Isuzu Rodeo Engine are They Compatible?
It Shakes favor Driving top top An also Road yet Even top top Park? ns Just had It Serviced because that Valve cover Gasket as result of Oil Leak that Burn ~ above Starter...