Has it yes, really been 40 years since the Pontiac cool Prix strutted on phase as a dressed-up sporty Catalina coupe with bucket seats and a an effective V-8 with three carburetors? The mid-size grand Prix hasn"t had actually a V-8, let alone carburetors, because that a lengthy time. And no grand Prix ever has looked as great as the exquisitely styled 1963 model. However the 2002 low, broad "Prix" tho looks many sporty. And the warm GTP model"s supercharged 240-horsepower V-6 performs favor a solid V-8, return it"s no as smooth. To celebrate, Pontiac is providing the higher-line GT and GTP cool Prix models v a $2,695 40th anniversary choice package. It attributes dark cherry body paint, hood ducts, behind spoiler, double exhausts, chrome wheels, two-tone animal leather upholstery and special badging. It"s cynical that the package will certainly make the 2002 cool Prix anything yet a minor collector car down the road, but it enhances the aerodynamic car"s intuitive appeal. This Pontiac share the same rigid front-drive chassis with the Buick Regal and Oldsmobile Intrigue, although only Pontiac has a coupe human body style. The grand Prix comes together a base SE sedan and also as coupes and sedans in sportier GT trim and GTP form. Prices range from $20,965 to $25,805. The sedan looks practically as racy as the coupe, i m sorry is good news for those wanting four-door utility. There"s no stinting on standard equipment. Also the SE has air air conditioning with separate front controls, AM/FM/cassette,anti-lock brakes, traction control, tires inflation monitor and also power windows, door locks and also mirrors. The GT to add items such as remote keyless entry. The GTP has a firmer sport suspension to go with its potent V-6, together with General Motors" OnStar safety and information system. Popular alternatives include a $795 strength glass sunroof because that the GT and GTP. A heated driver"s seat is only $100 because that the GT and also GTP, however requires leather upholstery that expenses $520 if not ordered in an choice package. All models have a dashboard driver information center that tells, because that instance, once an oil change is needed--a handy item for those v rushed lives. One optional trip computer adds steering range, oil life used, typical fuel economy and fuel used due to the fact that the critical reset information. In maintaining with the grand Prix sporty tradition, even the SE has actually front bucket seats and also a console, although the seats absence side assistance for spirited driving. There"s much more standard tools for 2002. The SE it s okay cruise control, far trunk release and also a behind spoiler. The GT receives a strength driver"s seat and also steering wheel radio controls because that the newly standard AM/FM/CD system. The GTP gets a sound device graphic equalizer. The base 175-horsepower 3.1-liter V-6 is adequate. Performance is much better with the 3.8-liter, 200-horsepower V-6 and exceptional v the supercharged 240-horsepower variation of that engine, i m sorry loafs in ~ highway speeds.Fuel economic situation is an estimated 18-20 mpg in the city and also 28-29 ~ above the highway, relying on the engine. Every models use a four-speed automatic transmission that upshifts almost imperceptibly and also downshifts quickly. Steering is quick and also the car rides smoothly and also stops with authority. The all-independent suspension has actually front-rear stabilizer bars and provides handling that invites sporty driving. That"s specifically true with the GTP; it has a more advanced traction regulate system and larger wheels and also performance tires. However, it has a contempt stiffer ride. There"s kind room for 4 tall adults, however the back seat is low and also leg room is tight earlier there for a 6-footer behind a tall driver who moves his seat back. Seat belts get in the way when entering or leaving the behind of the coupe. Foreign rivals have better interior materials, yet gauges are conveniently read and there are no miniature controls. The console has actually pop-out cupholders positioned to stop beverage spills, but the ignition switch is difficult to reach quickly on the steering column and rear windows don"t reduced all the way. The stems is large, back the car"s racy styling causes its opening to it is in high and rather narrow. All grand Prix models space solid buys, yet the muscular, all-American GTP is most reminiscent that the first Grand Prix. PONTIAC cool PRIX price $20,965-$25,805 Likes much more equipment. Zoomy super charge model. Fairly roomy. Hard handling. Dislikes aer rear-seat entrance in coupes. High stems opening. Front seats need much more side support.

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Dan Jedlicka

Dan Jedlicka"s Website


Dan Jedlicka joined the Chicago Sun-Times in February 1968 as a service news reporter and was called auto editor later on that year. He has reviewed an ext than 4,000 brand-new vehicles because that the Sun-Times--far an ext than any type of newspaper auto writer in the country. Jedlicka also reviewed vehicles for Microsoft Corp."s MSN Autos internet site indigenous January, 1996, to June, 2008.

Jedlicka remained auto editor in ~ the Sun-Times till October, 2008, and continued writing for the newspaper"s AutoTimes section, i beg your pardon he started in 1992, until February, 2009. While continuing his auto works at the Sun-Times, he offered as assistant financial editor of the newspaper indigenous 1970 to 1973, once he began his automotive column.

He has appeared on plenty of radio and television shows, consisting of NBC"s "Today," ABC"s "20/20" and also "The CBS night News." He to be a host, consultant and also writer because that Fox-TV Channel 32"s 1991 new Car Preview show and that Chicago-based station"s 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995 Chicago Auto present Previews.

Jedlicka"s auto articles have been printed in national magazines, consisting of Esquire and Harper"s. His auto columns have been reprinted in U.S. Government publications and economic textbooks and he is profiled in the "World"s best Auto Show" history book about the Chicago Auto Show. In late 1975, Jedlicka was host and technical advisor for 3 one-hour television specials, "Auto check 76," which aired nationally on PBS and also were the first nationally televised auto roadway test shows.

In 1995, Jedlicka was the receiver of the far better Business bureau of Chicago and also Northern Illinois Inc."s Consumer education and learning Award, given each year to a human being who has gained distinction in the ar of customer education. He obtained a Lifetime accomplishment Award in the Media category and inducted right into the Legends that Motorsports Guild in ~ the Carquest civilization of wheel custom vehicle show in Chicago in January, 2006.

Jedlicka was a member the the phibìc American Car and also Truck that the Year jury, composed of a select number of auto journalists from transparent the country, indigenous 1995 till 2009. From 2010 come 2012, he to be a member of customer Digest magazine"s auto experts panel the gave finest Buy brand-new vehicle recommendations.

He is a 1987 graduate of the Bob Bondurant Race drivers School and also later the the BMW "M" and also Skip Barber advanced Driving schools. He to be a member of the U.S. Team that participated in the 1987 1,000-mile Mille Miglia race/rally in Italy and has been a gyeongju winner in ~ the Chicago area"s Santa Fe Speedway.

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Jedlicka has actually owned 25 classic cars, consisting of 1950s and also 1960s Ferraris and also 1950s and 1960s Porsches, a 1965 Corvette, a 1967 Maserati and a 1957 Studebaker supercharged golden Hawk. Jedlicka stays with his wife, Suzanne, in the frank Lloyd Wright historical district of Oak Park. They have two children, James and also Michele.