A 5th generation Camry"s speaker mechanism is rather the upgrade over her iPhone"s speakers or headphones. And also with a automobile integration device, you can now use the speaker system to emit your wanted soundtracks.

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This article uses to the fifth generation Toyota Camry (2002-2006).

Connecting your iPhone or MP3 player to the car"s radio permits you to accessibility all of your music and also listen come it through the factory speakers. This have the right to be excellent by connecting your music player come the radio"s assistant input jack via a module well-known as a an equipment "interface adapter." installation this module permits you to listen to her favorite audio books and also music if on the road, which have the right to only it is in played v your phone or media device.


Materials NeededTrim remove tool and panel popper10mm socketRatchet and also extensionPower drill and stepped drill bitDouble-sided tape, zip ties and electrical tapeAuxiliary an equipment interface tool

Refer come the unit"s instructions hand-operated as every manufacturer"s directions might vary.

Step 1 – Remove contents surrounding radio

Remove the climate manage module, waiting vents, and trim panels surrounding the radio.

Using a trim remove tool, pry the climate regulate module away from the dash. Pop the end each corner of the cluster till the clips disengage.Gently traction the module forward and unplug the wire harness connectors. Then totally remove the module native the dash and collection it aside.Grab the bottom corners that the trim panel neighboring the radio, and gently traction it far from the dash. Law so will certainly release the clips.Use the trim removal device to pry off the upper part of the panel.Pull the panel far enough from the dash to access the cable harness connector behind the clock display.Squeeze the flexible tab ~ above the connector, and also pull the connector far from the panel.Lastly, complimentary the trim piece free from the dash and collection it aside.
Figure 1. Release the clips holding the climate manage module to the dash.

Step 2 – remove the radio

On the bottom side of the radio are four 10mm bolts. Eliminate the bolts using a socket and ratchet.Slide the radio out of the dash, far sufficient to wherein you have the right to turn the around. You will certainly then find the open connection for the auxiliary devices.
Figure 2. Unbolt the Camry"s stereotype head unit.

Step 3 – download the phone/MP3/auxiliary interface adapter

Plug in the connector from the interface adapter come the open auxiliary harbor on the ago side the the radio.Depending ~ above the type of interface adapter friend have, there might be several means to connect to your auxiliary device (e.g., via USB or serial cable).Once the maker is connected and the ignition is turn on, usage your call or MP3 player come play and listen to music v your car"s factory stereo system.

Step 4 – eliminate the shifter trim and climate control module panels

First eliminate the shifter trim dashboard by elevating the center armrest. Doing so will permit you to accessibility the rear end of the panel.Use the trim remove tool and also work your means around the panel. Remove it the same means as friend did the climate manage panel, recognize the clips that host it in place.The panel in between the climate regulate module and also shifter have a removable base. As soon as they room removed, pop turn off the clips from this panel out from the dash.Drill a hole right into the backside that the panel huge enough to line the USB and/or serial cable through. Usage a typical power drill v a stepped drill bit.
Figure 3. Shifter trim dashboard removed.

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Step 5 – finish the installation

With the USB and/or serial cable wires routed v the feet you drilled in the ahead step, ar the user interface adapter behind the radio into the dashboard.Snap the panel between the climate manage module and also shifter back into place, and also then carry out the exact same for the shifter panel.An ideal area to let the user interface adapter sit is where tiny movement will occur. Use double-sided ice cream to mount the adapter to an open room on the dashboard.Use zip ties and electrical tape come bundle the wires together. Path the wires and make certain they can not come into contact with any type of metal surfaces.Bolt the radio ago into the dash, and also re-install the radio"s surrounding trim panel, the air vents, and the climate control module.

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