The TCS light come on in mine car about a month ago. Is the imperative that I resolve this asap? Sounds like an high value repair and I can't purchased it but I dont desire to put myself in hazard either.

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hello lomyj, The TCS does not influence safety under common driving conditions.If the examine engine irradiate is indicating as well, the TCS might be triggerred by an engine fault.Get a complimentary scan done at Autozone and also let me know the specific trouble password if any type of found.

many thanks for your response. The check engine light is not on and autozone claimed that is the only light they can check. Perform you have a recommended timeline for when I should obtain this TCS fixed?Thanks again.

it is yes to drive the vehicle with the TCS irradiate on if yu carry out not feel any type of difference in power or other issues.Guess you would have to gain it to the dealer.However girlfriend can try using a jumper wire throughout the DLC terminal # 4 and # 9 and turn ignition on to check if the TCS lamp blinks. If yes, count the blinks to acquire the trouble code.

changed trans fluid at 80,000 miles with ATF-Z1 now the check engine light and TCS irradiate is staying on.

hi there, you will have to gain a scan done to determine which fault password is set in the ECU, perform this first.Mark (mhpautos)
Thanks, ns left my password reader in ~ the other house so i thought maybe this to be a common issue. Much thanksBill
i recently readjusted my honda share headlights to halo projector headlights and 20 minutes after I mounted them and also went because that a test journey my cars examine engine light and tcs light come on and also the vehicle would no accelerate? the was additionally high reving. So ns parked it, left the alone for the night. This morning ns turned that on and also the engine light was still on but the auto seemed to operation fine.I turned the headlights on again 20 minute after they to be on the same thing happened. Examine engine light, tcs light, high reving, and car would certainly not accelerate.
I have actually come across similar problems in the Accords 1996-2007. I think Honda dropped the round on this cars throughout this time. Inspection further. I have actually a 1996 Accord and also having a similar issue. As soon as I boring the gas pedal that does not get in gear rather it simply revs and I have actually to back off prior to redline. Traction the code v an OBD II diagnostic tool (Auto zone or advanced for free) and see what that is. Don"t buy a part yet.
I have a 2003 honda accord v6 couple and the tcs indicator light and the exclamation suggest sometimes comes on and also doesnt revolve off until I restart the car. Is this something major wrong with the automobile or can I just ignore it and also the auto should be fine? the runs good and i dont seem to have actually a difficulty with the actual automobile its just those lights.
This is telling you that you have actually a DTC (Diagnostic problem code) stored in your traction regulate module.The vehicle will operation fine, her TCS just won"t work.
Brakes problem2003 Honda Accord 6 cyl front Wheel journey Automatic what would certainly make the brake light and also the TCS light continue to be on
hi john, If the brake fluid level is low, it would certainly occur.There are other possibilities such as a fault in the ABS system.
The is for your traction regulate system its informing you the device is no working and also that you have actually an error. That is most likely a sensor fault. Below is a method to test each sensor so girlfriend don't need a scanner to deal with the problem. is a video clip to present you exactly how to inspect for codes will offer you the wheel speed sensor that has actually failed.Check out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know what you find.Cheers, Ken
freshly both mine brake and tcs light have come on. They popular music on as soon as the car comes on. Ns took it to a machanic and also he thought maybe the tcs light to be on early to negative tires yet I have 4 brand new tires so that cant it is in the problem. They just came on the end of nowhere and also nobody appears to know why
You space going to have to acquire a scanner qualified of reading the TCS system. Most likely what girlfriend will uncover is you have actually a fault somewhere in your TCS system, you must retrieve the DTC to begin a diagnostic.
My examine engine irradiate flashes, mine tcs light remains on and the automobile smells choose sulfur once I to be driving. It also idles rough and also is "shaky" in reverse.
electric problem2001 Honda Accord 6 cyl former Wheel journey Automatic i have a 2001 accord and also the tcs light is on and I feeling the transmission is not moving normaly i need assist please
hello arnie trujillo, once the TCS light is showing, it way an error has actually been detected and you should retrieve the problem codes to understand what is wrong.Autozone provides totally free scanning services, obtain it excellent ans permit me understand if there are any kind of trouble codes because that the engine which can cause the TCS light to show.
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