I understand that these are only for HID pear replacement. These will certainly NOT replace manufacturing facility halogen bulbs.
This product plugs in directly, without alteration to existing wires.

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This product meets dot compliance standards. (May not use to all models in all regions.)


Direct replacement because that OEM HID bulbs on your Nissan MaximaPerfect D2R fitment, no alteration neededTrue colors, through no varianceCeramic base for warm protection


OEM Replacement. These bulbs room a straight replacement for the factory HID bulbs on your Nissan Maxima. Since HID bulbs shed brightness after just a couple of months of use, this will provide a nice increase in output. You can additionally improve her vehicle’s styling with a cooler color temperature.

Quality. There space all type of HID bulbs on the market, but these space the best mix of quality, there is no a high price tag. Manufactured in a completely automated environment, they have actually high output, and also are DOT/SAE and ECE compliant in arc position and size. Making use of German quartz and American salts, no price is pardon in your construction. This leader to a long, reliable life, and also excellent color.

True Colors. While part HIDs on the market give off a green or violet tint, these bulbs will administer a pure white shade on the road. These HIDs are easily accessible in true, accurate shade temperatures, which we measure at our photometric test lab. The white color created by these bulbs will certainly provide more visible irradiate on the road, and also won’t reason distraction.4300K is a natural white output, as watched on vehicles with manufacturing facility HIDs. It will certainly not have any blue color to the color, and also might appear slightly warm.5000K is a pure white output, without any kind of warm hint, and no tint of blue either.6000K is ours most popular color, which produces an ice white color. The matches ideal with many LEDs.

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8000K is our greatest temperature, which produces an ice cream blue color. This is no a strong blue shade though - that is still mainly white, meaning there will certainly be no to decrease in light output.

Experience. After end a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is one of the most trusted surname in automotive LED lighting. We straight assemble and engineer our own products in the joined States, allowing for greater quality and also performance, through the newest and brightest LED technology. No matter what vehicle you have, us pride ourself in offering just the best possible LED solutions. Please call us if you"d favor to comment on your lighting project!