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For revenue Thread"If you deserve to rely on her ability, friend don"t have to worry around reliability."07 LE Z400**SOLD**Full device Yoshi Comp Series, NSHCs, drz basic gasket, Bare performance Box v 250R Filter, Stock carbohydrate w/ ex boot, Programmable Dyna CDI, 7.06oz eliminated From stock FlyWheel
2008 Suzuki QuadSport Z400 SE
RazrII front and also rear tires on Douglas Blue LabelsDRZe Valve Springs, did 3/4 electronic came Chain, MCCT Mod, Relocated black Box, full ALBA Exhaust, UNI air Filter, Modded Air crate Lid, EX intake Boot, 13T former Sprocket, Sunline Rollover Handguards, Sunline Clutch Lever, Renthal Bars, ODI Grips, RMZ death Switch together Starter Button, traction Choke, adjustable Fuel Screw, Moose P-Brake Block turn off Plate, DG seize Bar reduced Fenders.155MJ, 25PJ, adjustable Needle on 3rd Clip, 2 7/32 turns out, 994" Elevation
Why does that issue at all, personally I"m much much more concerned around how rapid it it s okay there unless your in an extremely long drag gyeongju you"ll never have to hit it anyways.
2008 KFX 450RElka rear shockPower commander 3K&N FilterDG Bumper and nerfsTwo brothers exhaust2003 KFX 400 SOLDWorks Fronts $325DRZE Kit and also KW"sNew style HotCams Wiseco High-Comp v LTZ Gasket 12:6:1 CompressionYoshimura RS-3 full Exhaust UNI Filter w/Outerwears airbox coverIMS 4 Gallon Tank agree Armor pro Peg Nerfs $180PRM prior Bumper $6014/38 Sprockets and RK Chain
i can top out around 84 yet im not stock

Suspension & AppearanceGT Thunder front and also rear shock with link, pro armor skid key throughout, shredder behind tires 20x11 R9, IMS pegs v kick up, IMS nerf bars, IMS heel guards, IMS brake and also clutch lever, +2 lone star a-arms, +1 houser Stem, pro taper fat bars, DRZoo2 dash, gusseted frame, RTC scoops, louvers & levers, RPM axle, yz begin buton, precision stabilizer, quadtech chair cover and memory foam seat update EngineESR intake with splash guard, yoshi complete exhaust, megacycles cams, (ricky stator and new starter gears many thanks to flywheel bolts), vortex 10x ignition, Athena 434 FCR 39mm carb, Kibblewhite black color diamond valves & springs, DRZ basic gasket,DID timing, engine ice, -16oz flywheel, pro architecture impeller, mystery clutch package through hinson basket.Build Thread
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