Your Ford Explorer’s windows defend you native the elements, and also they defend the internal from damage. If your window won’t go up, there are a few common problems that can cause this problem. These include a puffy fuse, bad window motor, wiring issues, and also the switch.

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Power window Won’t go Up Causes: Ford Explorer

This quick troubleshooting overview is written through you needing to obtain the window up right now in mind.

A tried and also true cheat to shot with a power window that won’t walk up is to push your palm against the glass and “help” the window up while pushing the button. If there is any kind of life left in the engine at all, this may be enough to gain it back up.

If just the rear windows aren’t working, over there is a lock the end switch on most vehicles. Make sure that hasn’t to be pressed.

Now that we quickly covered the short hanging fruit, here are the common causes for a window that won’t go up in your Explorer.

1. Wiring/Fuses

Looking to check out if your explorer blew a fuse is a good place to start. This is an especially true if the home window does not seem to have actually been struggling before it failed to walk up.

If every one of the windows don’t work, that is going to it is in a fuse or home window relay that has gone bad.

You’ll need to situate the fuse box, and also then the power window fuse. It’s pretty simple to call if a fuse is blown. Here’s a good video (YouTube) on just how to phone call if a fuse is blown. The easiest method is v a check light. Or, you have the right to pull it and also use her eyes to check out if it’s blown through a visual inspection.

If the fuse is blown, replacing it will obtain your power window to go up. If it keeps blowing, you’ll require to number out what is causing your wiring harness to brief out. Here’s a good resource on finding a brief (

2. Home window Switch

Your power window switch have the right to go bad. They space exposed come the aspects every time the you open up the door. They duty very simply. Over there is a 12 volt signal at the switch. It sends that signal to the power window motor.

If you put a voltmeter top top it, there have to be 12 volts in as lengthy as the key is on, and also ±12 volts out as soon as you push the switch.

Here’s a great YouTube video on specifically how to execute this native Tom A on exactly how to test the switch and also see if the engine is bad.

3. Power window Motor


Your Ford Explorer’s power home window motors can and do fail over time. You’ll have to take the door panel off to get to it. A lot of them space riveted in, so be prepared to attend to that. If you’ve showed that that is gaining power with a voltmeter, however it is no working, it’s time to gain a brand-new one. Castle aren’t the expensive, it’s just obtaining them out that have the right to be the challenge.

The motor going negative is virtually always a slow-moving process. If it was struggling to go up for a while (think in relationship to the rate of the other windows), that’s a really great sign that it’s the home window motor itself.

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4. Window Guide

The window guide is what travel guide a home window through the door as it goes ago up. If that goes bad, then the home window can stick.

Conclusion: Explorer window Won’t go Up

If your Ford Explorer’s window won’t walk up, it’s commonly going to be the switch or the engine itself bring about the problem. If over there is anything the you would choose to add, please leave a comment below. An excellent luck!