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just bought a 2004 grand Prix GTP w/ 160K mile (and has actually Magnasteer). The came with a pretty loud P/S whine yet drove ok. It would also turn top top the ABS & T/C lights when turning far left or right. Based upon the purpose of use I chose to go ahead and also replace the pump, the rack & pinion and pressure line. Not the return line though together it was not leaking however flushed that out. Fill the system and bled it v the wheel in the air. After to run for a couple of minutes, that still had actually the whine even though every air had been bled by transforming wheels left and right approx. 30 times. No ABS or T/C lights. Placed the automobile on the ground and went to back out and at idle had zero power assist. Might rev up and would gain some assist. Figuring I had actually a dud of a pump, replaced the pump again. ~ above the very first drive it was sticky once I would involved a stop however got much better and drive for around 25 minutes. As soon as slowing come turn approximately in a cove, either left or right still have a according to whine and I deserve to feel a tiny jerkiness in the steering wheel. At highway speeds I have the right to tell the magnasteer is working. Procedure of elimination claims that the return line maybe is permitting air to be suck in (even though as soon as I stop and look in ~ the reservoir with it running there is NO foaming) or a blockage in the line?? ns inspected it because that crimps or damage and also found none. The just other point I guess could be the computer system control that the magnasteer. Any ideas? (I carry out not gain the ABS & T/C lights anymore with either pump for this reason that have to have been in the magnasteer part of the old rack.)


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ns don"t understand if this irrelevant , when I bought my 02 cool Prix it needed a brand-new Power steering pump additionally it did the same thing together you discussed being yes, really noisy this video clip helped me, yet I doubt it"s your issue
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I have actually the exact same issue. Ns mildly encouraged its just because my strut mounts are poor but im start to doubt that. I seem to have actually power steering pump failure every time my automobile sits for too long as well.