I require step by step instructions on just how to change the punch sensor in mine 2004 super load nissan frontier.

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below are 2 images. There are 2 various engine password for her vehicle. That looks like it"s just placed on the behind bulkhead.



What reasons the knock sensor on the truck listed above to light? The automobile seems to be to run a small rougher. The timing belt has about 25,000 miles on it.
Hello, I'm Danny.A punch sensor is an electrical component that have the right to fail as with anything else after time. It is used to help assist in the engines timing to aid optimize the engines performance. The is why your car is running roughly. Here is a tutorial the shows exactly how it works:https://www.historicsweetsballroom.com/articles/how-a-knock-sensor-worksI've attached a picture below that its location.Hope this helps and thanks for making use of historicsweetsballroom.com.Danny-
My check engine light came on , and I perform the password scanner and it states its the knock sensor. Mine shake seems to shake as soon as warmed up in ~ idle, simply wondering if friend had any kind of ideas for what else could be bring about the shaking. Say thanks to you!
hello there, The knock sensor is the major sensor to adjust the ignition timing, if the is sending out a false signal to the ECU, the ECU may be setup the incorrect timing leading to the idle shower problem, readjust the sensor and also see just how it goes after that.Mark (mhpautos)

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1) ~ a head gasket replacement ns still have actually an recurring emissions code? Not certain the # however I do recognize I get charged a the majority of $$ every time i ask for them come actually fix it. They have actually ruled out exhaust leak change knock censor, gas cap, etc. 2) The worst part is the reality that through the warmth (especially the defrost) on the vents blow in what smells like pure exhaust. Mine mechanic is really reluctant to look in ~ it various other than to tell me the engine compartment is sealed and also it could not it is in that. Anything coming in could in the heater box. The real issue is the none that these worries were there prior to he "fixed" it. Strange enough, this happened exactly the same method 3 years earlier when I had a head gasket done (don"t questioning I"m a fool that does not examine coolant). As soon as defrost is top top the truck is practically insufferable? ever heard of such a a thing? ns may try to reach the end the mechanic the 3 years ago who fixed it the an initial time, yet I"m guessing the won"t remember. Give thanks to you