A mechanic says, my auto needs the fuel pump replaced, The trouble started when my car wouldn't start and also turn end after work. For this reason I referred to as a tow truck and as the tow truck showed up, one hour later my vehicle decides to begin up as soon as I try it one more time. A day later it operated fine in the morning, yet died later that work in the center of one intersection together I to be crossing it. How can I be certain the mechanic really readjusted out the fuel pump in my car and not simply a fuse. It cost 700 dollars because that the work on the car, and also nothing was moved in the tribe of my car. Don't you have to remove the spare tires in the stems to gain to the fuel pump? give thanks to you, for your help.

Hello, It sounds like you might have a negative fuel pump. As soon as the automobile doesn't begin see if you have fuel pressure.https://www.historicsweetsballroom.com/articles/how-to-check-fuel-system-pressure-and-regulatorHere will give you an idea of exactly how to readjust the pump out.https://www.historicsweetsballroom.com/articles/how-to-replace-an-electric-fuel-pumpCheck out the diagrams (Below)Please allow us understand what girlfriend find.Cheers




Yep the fuel pump was poor took me all day and also 205.00 the the pump module but the automobile runs an excellent now. Thanks!
I"m walking to change my fuel pump. I am conscious that the pump is in the tank. Is over there an access hole or carry out I need to cut one. If cutting one is the answer, is it much better to walk in from the trunk or under the ago seat? and where perform I cut so I can keep the body repairs come a minimum? say thanks to you for her time, Mike
You have to drop tank to remove fuel pump.DO not CUT any type of HOLES IN body TO access FUEL PUMP indigenous ABOVE.This can reason many difficulties including the opportunity of cutting into the tank and also causing a fire/explosion.Use car repair connect in this thread or gain a Haynes manual. It will certainly give comprehensive instructions, review it first, you may deciede you would certainly be far better off having actually it excellent at a garage.Make certain it is the fuel pump, check fuses and FP relay very first
walk the fuel tank need to be eliminated from the vehicle in order to change the fuel pump or can this be done v the trunk?
counts on labor, yet labor is 2 hours and the component is $450.So if labor is $75 one hour, you would be looking in ~ $600.This component is the complete pump assy. Including gauge sender.
Is there an accessibility hole under the ago seat to adjust the fuel pump or execute I need to lower the tank completely?
Engine performance problem2003 Pontiac cool Am 4 cyl 2 Wheel drive Automatic my cool am recently just quit to run so I readjusted the fuel filter which to be plugged currently I get no fuel line from the tank however it to be pumping fuel prior to I adjust the filter is over there a cut off move or is it feasible that the pump walk bad as well
over there is no inertia switch (shut off switch). Check the fuel pump relay, in the underhood fuse block.
thanks for your quick reply i have checked all fuses and relays relating come the fuel system I simply don"t desire to take it it come the shop and pay a arm and also leg to find out it to be something I deserve to do for half the price just how much pressure should spray the end fuel indigenous the heat coming from the tank the is disconnected indigenous the filter should it it is in high due to the fact that it was just barely running the end
v ignition move to the run position, engine off, the pressure need to be 50 - 60 psi however will just last for a couple of secs without using a scan tool to allow the fuel pump relay.
Ok climate I should be the pump since it go come out through a full stream yet maybe no more than 10-15 psi maybe yet after a couple of times then nothing came out from the fuel heat from the tank and the pump make no noise go this sound choose a fuel pump difficulty many thanks in advancement you have been really helpful
Well, we gained a bill from our reliable mechanic because that $830. He has actually never ripped united state off. Not a dealer, but an independent shop. Not certain if the component oem, but he stated the part was $500 and also labor and tax about $330. Thanks!
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