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Next-Generation 4.7-Liter Magnum®, SOHC, 16-Valve SMPI V-8 5.7-Liter HEMI® Magnum® 16-Valve V-8
Deep-skirt cast-iron block through cross-bolted main bearing caps, aluminum alloy heads v hemispherical burning chambers
Three-way catalytic converters, cook oxygen sensors, digital EGR and also internal engine features(a)(b)
(a) Meets SULEV 1 emissions requirements in CA, NY, MA, ME and VT. Meets Tier 2 Bin 10C emissions in the other states. (b) Tentative EPA label values, pending official test results. (c) Meets LEV i emission requirements in CA, NY, MA, ME and VT. Meets Tier 2, Bin 10A emission demands in all other states.
Three planetary gear sets, one overrunning clutch, full electronic control, electronically managed converter clutch
Three planetary equipment sets, one overrunning clutch, full digital control, electronically regulated converter clutch

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(a) turning diameter is measured at the external of the tires in ~ curb height. Turning diameters and steering wheel turns, lock-to-lock may differ through optional tires and also wheels.
(a) Also obtainable w/ABS
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