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Help! I my cigarette lighter isn"t working in my 2001 Ford Focus. I suspect it is the fuse but don"t know where to find it. Any sugestions?
Check the chart/diagram in your owners manual.If you do not have your owners manual, go here to download one:
Focus mk1 lighter fuse issue
Crazy this ! On the back of my glove compartment it has a picture of a cig showing 15amp fuse 46 ! But I have 7.5amp there !! Fuse 47 was the lighter ?? U will need to push the sides of the glove box once opened pull it down further and the stem on the left disconnects and the glove box will hang and be out of ur way, the fuse diagram is on the flat bit on the bottom of the glove door !!!! Hope this helps Marc

Marc - your location in the World & your exact model might help.The info. is not of much use without knowing to what it applies.(No personal info. entered yet, and nothing in the post)
Help! I my cigarette lighter isn"t working in my 2001 Ford Focus. I suspect it is the fuse but don"t know where to find it. Any sugestions?
Reviving an old thread. How did this go in the end (if you can remember that far back)? While "splicing" in an additional 12v socket to the cigarette lighter feed (which is always live) I inadvertently bridged the two cables. Now the whole circuit is dead - that"s both the front and rear 12v sockets. Checked the 15A fuse (#47 on a U.K. 2002 ST170) and it"s fine but replaced it anyway just in case. Circuit is still dead and I"ve been unable to find any hidden in-line fuse. I ran a meter across the fuse pins in the fuse box and no 12v power there either (ignition on or off).Is there some other different (fused) live feed the cigarette lighter circuit is fed by - higher than 15 amps? I"m stuck frown
Success! Removed the live supply to everything by disconnecting the battery. Ran continuity test from T connector to fuse holder and that worked. What I didn"t do was the same for the black cable to ground. Just did that now and all good. Stupid moment of it not occurring to me that for the most part everything is earthed to complete a closed circuit to function at all. What did surprise me though is that only by disconnecting the battery then reconnecting everything was back to normal. Now wondering if shorting the circuit tripped something in a relay or some other logic box somewhere. Removing and then renergising the circuit performed some "reset". No idea but I"ll take it.
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