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Help! ns my cigarette lighter isn"t working in my 2001 Ford Focus. I suspect it is the fuse but don"t recognize where to uncover it. Any kind of sugestions?
Check the chart/diagram in your owners manual.If you execute not have actually your owners manual, go here to download one:
Focus mk1 lighter fuse issue
Crazy this ! ~ above the back of my gloves compartment it has a picture of a cig showing 15amp fuse 46 ! however I have actually 7.5amp there no Fuse 47 was the lighter ?? U will should push the political parties of the glove box as soon as opened traction it under further and the stem ~ above the left disconnects and the glove box will certainly hang and be the end of ur way, the fuse diagram is top top the flat bit on the bottom that the gloves door !!!! expect this helps Marc

Marc - your location in the people & your precise model could help.The info. Is no of much use without understanding to what the applies.(No an individual info. Gone into yet, and also nothing in the post)
Help! i my cigarette lighter isn"t working in mine 2001 Ford Focus. I doubt it is the fuse yet don"t know where to discover it. Any type of sugestions?
Reviving an old thread. Just how did this go in the end (if you can remember that far back)? if "splicing" in an additional 12v socket come the tobacco lighter feeding (which is always live) i inadvertently linked the 2 cables. Now the totality circuit is dead - that"s both the front and rear 12v sockets. Confirm the 15A fuse (#47 top top a U.K. 2002 ST170) and also it"s fine but replaced the anyway just in case. Circuit is tho dead and I"ve to be unable come find any hidden in-line fuse. I ran a meter throughout the fuse pins in the fuse box and also no 12v power there one of two people (ignition ~ above or off).Is there some other various (fused) live feeding the tobacco lighter circuit is fed by - higher than 15 amps? I"m grounding frown
Success! removed the live it is provided to everything by disconnecting the battery. Ran continuity test from T connector to fuse holder and also that worked. What ns didn"t perform was the very same for the black color cable to ground. Just did the now and also all good. Stupid moment of that not arising to me the for the most component everything is earthed to complete a close up door circuit to function at all. What did surprised me though is that just by disconnecting the battery climate reconnecting every little thing was earlier to normal. Currently wondering if shorting the circuit tripped miscellaneous in a relay or some other logic crate somewhere. Removing and also then renergising the circuit performed some "reset". No idea however I"ll take it it.
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