Question: I very own over 20 sealed box of the "2005 s In View" ns & D nickels. For this reason I chose to open a few up. I discovered a couple of nickels through the "ST" in "Trust" missing. Is that a common error coin? I additionally pulled a nickel with part of the bottom half missing. Any help would it is in appreciated. Say thanks to you. An extremely nice website.My Answer: first off, permit me to speak that ns am not an expert in error coins, but it does sound favor you have found some mint errors.Sometimes a international substance such as dirt, grime or maker grease can obtain stuck in the die which avoids the metal from gaining into all the tiny crevices that have to be letter or numbers on a coin.This is a fairly common type of stamping error yet I cannot tell you exactly how rare the is in the 2005 "Ocean in View" Nickels.You might examine with some of the coin collecting forums. A many collectors regular these forums and you can get a most opinions every in one place.Just do a find for coin collecting forums or pick one the the web links below. You will probably need to register before posting ~ above the forums, but membership is generally free. Be sure to upload you photo for ideal results.Coin neighborhood ForumCoin talk Forum

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Aug 30, 2014 2005 s in check out Error by: cotton I have one that the "erty" and year are missing and the whole In God us Trust is faint whereby Trust is almost totally missing. Lettering ~ above the turning back is light in spots.
Apr 19, 2015
2005-D s In see Nickels - head-tails, heads-heads, or tails-tails by: cotton i came throughout an auction which supplies "2005-D s In check out Nickels - PLEASE note it might be head-tails, heads-heads, or tails-tails""s the story about "PLEASE note it might be head-tails, heads-heads, or tails-tails" ?Is this a usual error particular to this coin or is the seller turn a tail ?

Jul 29, 2017
2005 nickel new by: anonymous I discovered a coin whereby Jefferson looks like he had a sleep job and to Scare"s top top chin .then on other side a level shine when hit through light and also right edge a comet shoot from optimal of tree to about the e in says . Ns think it might be rarely . Ns hope it is .

Mar 24, 2018
Crazy nickel brand-new by: cotton we just found a strange 2005 nickel. Heads is no stamped as clear, tails is smooth with faint writing around edge. What is it?

Dec 21, 2018
Nickle with missing year new by: anonymous I found a nickel with the start of the year 200 but it is missing the critical number. It is one "Ocean in see Oh the happiness Nickel". How much can it it is in worth? I have a coin the looks choose it obtained jammed in the machine there"s little scratches off right into it and there"s indents it"s sort of yes, really crazy and cool feather

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Sep 05, 2021
missing great - copper nickel new by: anonymous I have a what looks prefer a copper 2005p s in view nickel. Is this a typical error or execute I have actually a nickel worth an ext than a nickel?

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