when it pertains to vans that can do that all, the Chevy to express van need to close come the height or at the peak of the list. That is rather innovative because that a van well-known for hauling numerous passengers, towing hefty loads, and also reliability. However, if you want to use the Chevy express van because that towing, friend will first need to recognize each model and engine’s capacity. Us have broken down the towing capacity of each Chevy refer model and also engine below.

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Here is the towing volume of the Chevy Express valve by model and also engine size:

Chevy to express 1500 (4.3-L V6) – 4,400 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy to express 1500 (5.3-L V8) – 6,800 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy refer 2500 (4.3-L V8 – 7,200 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy express 2500 (6.0-L V8) – 10,000 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy to express 2500 (2.8-L I-4 Turbo Diesel- 6,100 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy refer 3500 (4.8-L V8) 7,400 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy to express 3500 (6.0-L V8) 9,700 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy express 3500 (6.6-L V8) 10,000 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy refer 3500 (6.6-L V8 Turbo Diesel) 10,000 LBS Max Towing Capacity

As you can see from above, all three models of the Chevy Express valve are much more than qualified of towing. The number don’t lie, and when properly set up with a tow package, the Chevy Express can handle hauling most loads. Read on as we discuss setting up the Chevy refer van because that towing. In addition, us will indicate what have the right to be towed behind the van and also precautions to take as soon as doing so.


How Much deserve to A Chevy Express valve Tow?

Since make its debut in 1996, the Chevy express van gets a Swiss army Knife credit. The van has plenty of uses, from being able come seat several passengers (15 to it is in exact), or the seats deserve to be removed and used together a work van.

Don’t require it because that work? No problem, rotate it right into a camper van and also hit the open road. Probably camping isn’t her thing, but you still require the room and enough strength to tow a trailer; when again, the Chevy express van deserve to help. Check out on together we discuss the latter and how the towing capability of the Chevy to express 1500, 2500, and also 3500.

Chevy to express 1500 Max Towing Capacity

The Chevy refer 1500 is terrific cargo van for getting around city streets. That is an ideal choice for the customer who doesn’t need an immense amount that towing capacity but just sufficient to take care of minimal towing jobs.

The towing capacity of the Chevy refer 1500 relies on i beg your pardon engine is under the hood. The 1500 model has two various engines, the 4.3-L V6 and 5.3-L V8.

The V6 engine has actually a max towing capacity of 4,300 LBS. This is a short towing capacity, and this model is much more of one economical selection for city driving.

For towing, the V8 version of the express 1500 is the much better choice. The has more performance and also low-end torque. Mean a max towing volume of 6,800 LBS.

So what have the right to you tow with the Chevy to express 1500? through the V6 model, the is way to stick come compact cars or small trailers. As for the V8 model, girlfriend have an ext choices. Little cars, crossover SUVs, mid-size trailers, and lightweight campers are right for gift towed by the refer V8.

Chevy refer 2500 Max Towing Capacity

It is a usual misconception the if the number next to a vehicle’s name is bigger, it method it is a larger vehicle. This isn’t necessarily true, and also in fact, the Chevy refer 1500, 2500, and also 3500 space all the exact same size.

So, what’s the difference?

The difference in between the 1500 and 2500 isn’t the dimension of the van yet how much it deserve to haul. In addition, the 2500 and also 3500 have the right to tow an ext weight from behind come the boost in hauling capability.

Here is a rapid rundown of each Chevy to express 2500 towing volume by the engine:

Chevy express 2500 (4.3-L V8 – 7,200 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy refer 2500 (6.0-L V8) – 10,000 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy to express 2500 (2.8-L I-4 Turbo Diesel- 6,100 LBS Max Towing Capacity

As you deserve to see, the express 2500 models all have a higher towing capacity contrasted to that of the Expres 1500 engines.

This van deserve to tow heavier loads such together campers, trailers, and small to mid-size SUVs. It is recommended to constantly check her owner manual prior to towing to ensure proper setup.

Read on as we take it a look in ~ the 3500 and its towing capacity.

Chevy to express 3500 Max Towing Capacity

Last however not least, we offer you the Chevy refer 3500. This is the valve you pick if you should tow often. Here is a quick malfunction of the engine options and their towing capacities:

Chevy express 3500 (6.0-L V8) 9,700 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy to express 3500 (6.6-L V8) 10,000 LBS Max Towing CapacityChevy express 3500 (6.6-L V8 Turbo Diesel) 10,000 LBS Max Towing Capacity

As you have the right to see, the Chevy express 3500 have the right to tow fairly a bit. Those numbers space something friend see as soon as you look in ~ pickup truck towing capacities!

Keep in mind that just because it claims it deserve to tow 9,700 lbs doesn’t typical you can hook increase a 28-foot camper and hit the road. Towing capacities are only as good as the tow package the comes on the vehicle.

Check v your neighborhood dealer and ask what towing packages are the finest for your Chevy refer van. No doing so could end increase in expensive repair bills or further damages down the road.

Does Chevy Express have A Tow Package?

Before towing through your Chevy to express van, friend will need to make certain you have a towing package. The Chevy to express doesn’t come standard through a towing package and will must be mounted by the dealer.

However, the Express van is equipped with all of the appropriate wirings for trailer lights. The is encourage to check with her dealer because that the best recommendations that tow parcel brands.

How much Does It expense To include A Tow Package to A Van?

The price of including a tow package to a van will differ on the brand and quality. However, you deserve to expect to pay on mean $300-$400 to have actually a tow package set up on your van.

Some consumers have reported safety as lot as $1,100 to add a tow package on your vans—this speculative regarding what all those tow packages included.

Contact your local dealer for a price quote. At times, having an aftermarket tow parcel installed can be more expensive as result of labor costs.

What dimension Hitch Reciever do I Need?

Figuring the end what dimension hitch receiver to use as soon as towing have the right to be confusing. Selecting the ideal size eventually depends on what you space towing. Recipient hitches are categories into 5 classes.

Class 1 – Cars and Crossovers – 1-1/4 inch (2,000lbs Towing Capacity)Class 2- Cars, Crossovers, Minivans -1-1/4 inch (3,500lbs towing capacity)Class 3- Crossover, Minivans, SUVs, van – 2-inch (8,000lbs Towing Capacity)Class 4- SUVs, van – 2-inch (10,000lbs Towing Capacity)Class 5- SUVs, trucks – 2-inch (17,000lbs Towing Capacity)

As you can see native the number above, class 1-3 room the best receiver hitch sizes for all 3 Chevy Express valve models. If you plan on towing vehicles over 6,000 LBS frequently, the doesn’t ache to take into consideration the class 4 receiver hitch option.

If you room still ~ above the fence on which receiver hitch to go with, contact your local towing accessories shop or local Chevy dealer. Lock should have a good idea that what will certainly fit your needs.

Can A Chevy Express pull A Camper?

If you want to tow a camper v your Chevy Express, climate you space in luck. The Express, as we spoke around above, has actually plenty that power and a solid frame capable of towing a camper.

Most campers are fairly light. Numerous trailers space under 5,000 lbs that deserve to sleep 4 or much more people. The refer 1500 will need a camper under 3,000 lbs come ensure max towing performance. The 2500 and 3500 don’t must worry about camper dimension as much when equipped v a towing package.

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Suppose girlfriend don’t desire to buy a camper and also tow it. Numerous consumers converted your Express van come a camper! simply an idea!


When it concerns versatility, the Chevy Express van is a peak choice. The spacious cabin and towing capabilities have actually made it well-known over the years. Consumers keep in mind that once you have actually a van choose the Chevy Express, the is tough to own any type of other vehicle in its class.

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