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Hello! We space looking come buy a fifth wheel trailer and need to know how much our truck deserve to tow. We bought it used, and also so no owners hands-on inside. Yet it is a 2006 Silverado prolonged Cab, LS model with the Z82 heavy duty trailering equipment and also the R6D Vortec 5300 V8 Hauler package. Us have found so lot conflicting details on the trailering capacity and also also about if you have actually a 5th wheel, the towing volume is much less than if you had actually a traction behind trailer. As you can see, any help would it is in appreciated! thank you.

allot of great guys & details here the record, my cousin was looking to update from his travel trailer to a 5th wheel last year. He has actually the MAX towing package on his 2006 Silverado and also the 6.0 ltr 4x4. They found that the max 5th wheel load they can tow (safely)was below 9500 lbs. You will need to look because that an ultra-lite fifth with the 1500 you have. Everyone my cousin talked to said 5th wheel = 2500 or 3500 and also even better with the diesel. I am sure there are light 5th wheels the end there, just don"t autumn for the sales pitch that you can tow much more that the mfg says. Good Luck

The above link is good, but I have a 2006 2500HD and also my owner manual. It additionally contains info on every GM truck towing. Not discovering if you have actually 4wd and also what axle ratio yoiu have, here is the skinny on towing. You can go come GM"s website come the "owers" section and likewise download the manual.Vehicle* Axle ratio Maximum Trailer load GCWR (Gross linked Weight Rating) Truck and trailer combinedK1500 3.42 7700 lbs 13,000 lbs 5.3 Litre 3.73 7700 lbs 13,000 lbsExtended Cab 4.10 8700 lbs 14,000 lbsShort box(4wd)There room is a caveat for fifth wheels,so you room right.** Maximum load 7,700 lbs. (3 492 kg) for fifth-wheel or gooseneck* Fifth-wheel or gooseneck kingpin load 15 percent to 25 percent the trailer weight as much as 1,500 lbs (680 kg)maximum.The limiting variable for a 1500 is not the max trailer weight, the the GCWR
. Ns am going come guess a 1500 is walking to weigh dry around 5300 lbs (based on mine diesel is 5900 lbs)...and assuming you have the 3.73 equipment ratio 13,000 lbs - 5300lbs = 7700 lbs! but if friend truck has actually three passengers (likely just two in ~ 200 lbs each), full fuel, around 150 lbs, other stuff in the back of the truck say 200 lbs it is 750 lbs more you have to remove native GCWR now method 13,000 - 6050 = 6950 Trailer weight!Finally don"t max your GCWR, girlfriend will uncover the van a pig,,,both in fuel milage, handling, and also acceleration. Girlfriend will also have no safety and security room for emergencies and also you will additionally be at the max of her transmission, therefore pulling in hills long grades or in wind, your trans temp will certainly climb. Ns am assuming your package consists of a trans cooler, but on a warm humid day, in a great in arizona with 100 level heat, girlfriend will definitely be top top the next of the road!Don"t despair, I have seen numerous 4500 lbs dry 5th wheels around 24 come 25 feet long, for this reason that will be perfect. They are sized for the 1500"s, the appropriate pin weights and also are typically okay for a family of four. Your truck will certainly pull all day with this kind of trailer.Comparitively, mine 2500 Diesel has actually these numbers.Vehicle* Axle proportion Maximum Trailer load GCWR (Gross merged Weight Rating) Truck and trailer combinedK2500 3.73 12,000 lbs 22,000 lbs6.6 LitreCrew Cab short box(4wd)DieselThe real vital here is not max trailer weight, its actually GCWR, my truck in reality weighs around 5900 lbs fueled and two passengers. For this reason that pipeline 22,000-5900 lbs = 16,000 lbs for trailer and cargo, however the truck is just rated in ~ 12,000 trailer weight, therefore trailer load is my limiting factor. So, if mine trailer additionally weighs 8000 lbs (lots of fifth wheels do) this that pipeline me 12,000 - 8000 = 4000 lbs that room because that water sewer, food, additional passengers, clothing bikes etc....lots of extra room.I am a tiny confused myself once I to draw cargo ~ above a trailer just weighs ~4500 lbs, and using this logic, I should be only able to lug 12,000-4000, or 8000 lbs, but using the GCWR number of 22,000 - 5900 - 4500 = 11,600 , the payload comes in in ~ 11,600 lbs or just like most flatdecks, the have 14000 GCWR"s. I am myself going to carry out some more digging. Its actually more complicated for me as wherein the fill is, pin weights, suggest or spread loads, axle weights..still looking into it.By the way, if everyone else has anything to add or exactly in mine statements please carry out so...

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