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Hello! I simply made an account and also I really need y’all experts aid with this one, i can’t find the location of the engine oil push sensor, the examine engine light come up 2 days back and yesterday the low oil pressure icon came increase , I confirm the engine oil dipstick and also it’s wherein it’s expect to be, i don’t have actually a oil leakage. The code p0520 come up after i ran the scanner. A picture, or video link would really assist or diagram! Thanks

the connector is on the ideal side of the engine, (looking native the driver"s seat), below the 2nd coil pack from the prior of the car, just about level v the bottom that the valve covering - follow it from therethe sensor lives close to the prior of the alternator
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06 hem with very same problem. The oil pressure and oil temperature sensors were situated in the exact same area. I adjusted temp instead of pressure by mistake. Finished up changing both. Aftermarket are much less expensive but for item of mind went with manufacturer. ( mine experience)
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