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Jeep Liberty logo design Spare tires Cover because that 2002-2007 Liberty KJ, 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ, and 2007-2018 Wrangler JKThe standard Jeep Liberty logo design stands the end in silver- on black color on the Jeep Liberty tires Cover. These tires covers are resilient as they are made of black denim. Our choice of Jeep Liberty spare tire covers accessible in 2 sizes based upon the dimension of your tire. Once ordering, be certain to choose the ideal item number based on your tire size.Item # 82207585AC - Fits tire Sizes P215/75R16 & P225/75R15Item # 82207586AC - Fits tires Sizes LT30x9.5x15, P235/70R16, P225/75R16, P235/75R15, P235/65R17 & P245/65ZR17
Mopar Jeep Liberty logo design Spare tires Cover because that 2002-2007 Liberty KJ, 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ, and 2007-2018 Wrangler JK

Just as great as OEM. Go not have actually a zipper but fits tight and also is hefty weight material. There room 2 sizes available, my 2006 took the larger size.
Fits great. A an excellent value. Looks choose it will last quite awhile. I like that there is no zipper to deal with.
Very impressed. I ordered this ~ above a Saturday v standard shipping, and also I had it on Wednesday. Product was precisely as advertised.Would no hesitate to usage this firm again!
Recently bought a new spare tire cover to change the initial cover which had weathered 14 years of sun, rain, snow and ice. The zippers to be broken and beyond repair. Ns was happy surprised to check out that the brand-new cover to be elasticticized and also no zipper manipulation to be necessary. The took only a minute come replace and looks great. I would certainly have offered it 5 stars if that fit perfectly end spare tires without any type of wrinkles.
Tire cover watch origional and fit perfect v no wrinkels fit very tight and no zipers to deal with.
Got a Jeep Liberty because that my daughter and her husband because that a Wedding gift. Stimulate a tires cover because that the car and also it watch awesome and likewise other accessories and also now it looks perfect.
The cover that came with the jeep was much much better quality than this one. This one is decent and also fits nice however definitely not the same quality or fit.
This one was various from the original but fits nice and snug and also has the liner inside. An extremely Nice Replacement
I shopped approximately before making mine decision, i did not want A cheap vinal. This product is difficult and great looking. I determined black to enhance my sporting activities trim and the Jeep Liberty lettering is silver to complement the automobile paint color. Looks gorgeous and I have actually received countless compliments. Am very pleased v the purchase.

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I just had a new engine set up in my 2003 Jeep Liberty. The rehabilitation project likewise included brand-new wheels and new tires. The new spare tire cover from just for Jeeps to be the final touch. I"m very happy with the high top quality construction and also the straightforward perfect fit. It"s actually far better than the initial OEM cover, and it looks great. Mine old Jeep now looks choose a brand-new Jeep. Ordering v the net site and getting shipment was as simple as that gets.
ProsHeavy solid quality construction.Reasonable price.easy fit, far better than the initial cover.Quick easy shipment via UPSLooks Great