I freshly bought a used 2007 Ford escape Hybrid and it had actually the Ford navigating CD Player installed.

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This head unit has AM/FM, hybrid status, and fuel intake views. The navigation unit gets its data from a $199 12-CD map pack. Every CD has a geographic region of phibìc America. The last variation of the CD map fill was 4V in 2007. My 2007 escape came v the 2005 CD map pack which is better than naught in this year the 2016.

The navigating CD is loaded into the height CD drive and also the audio 6 CD changer is located underneath the passenger seat.

There is no audio AUX input.

The only AUX intake accessory I discovered that had actually a great chance that compatibility to be the AUX-FRDW assistant Input Jack for $60. This accessory went inbetween the head unit and also the CD changer. It shows up to cable the 3.5mm audio input to the appropriate pins of the CD changer connector.

Can we figure out the correct CD changer pinout? Yes, because that cheap price that a preventive audio cable, we can add in our very own AUX input to the 2007 and also earlier year Ford Escapes.


The 6 CD changer is associated to the head unit with a 12 pen pigtail connector. This is a WPT164 connector.

After some searching, I discovered the comparable CD changer pinout that the Ford Taurus.


The pins we will certainly be using room 1/2 and also 7/8.

After you piece an audio cable which friend will usage as the AUX intake wire, there will certainly be three wires. The white cable is the left audio channel and also red wire is the best audio channel. The staying wire is the ground that completes the circuit because that the audio channels. The above audio pinout diagram mirrors what we will certainly be doing. Right and left networks will be linked to the WPT164 pins 7 and also 8 respectivelyand we will certainly be separating the single ground come pins 1 and also 2 to finish the left and also right audio circuit.

My CD changer’s 12 pen connector was situated on the best side of the unit. You need to depress the top plastic bar of the connector come detach the from the unit.


Remember to store track the the exactly pin shade to pin slot when you remove them.

To eliminate pins 1, 2, 7, and also 8 native the connector you should flip earlier the black color tabs (red) above. The tabs running follow me the back of the connector hold the pins in place. Following you must insert a thin flathead (blue) right into the bigger peak opening because that the correct pen (pin 1 is suggested in the picture). There is a bar (purple) within each pin slot that continues to be down to protect against the pins from gift removed. Use the flathead to lift the lever and also pull the correct wire for the pin from the ago at the same time. The pin will slide out.

Attach the red audio wire to the pen from slot 7. Connect the white audio wire to the pen from slot 8. Separation the soil wire and connect one side to pen 1 and also the various other side to pin 2.


I twisted each wire and also inserted it right into the complimentary space that remained in every pin. You may find another method that works far better with your resources available such as soldering.

Reinsert the pins right into their original connector slots.

Create or download a lengthy (30 minutes or more) quiet mp3 document and burn it to a CD. The CD changer will signal to the head unit the there is a CD that can be played. Placed the CD in come the CD changer and also switch her head unit to play indigenous the CD changer. The head unit will play the silent mp3 file.

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Plug her audio resource into the audio cable connected to the 12 pin connector. Now you have the right to play audio from your included audio aux input.