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so i have actually an "AUX" button on mine radio. But nowhere come input an mp3 player or anything. Nobody knows what i must do with this. However there obviously needs to be something that you deserve to put in, or else why would certainly Ford placed the button in there? any type of answers would be considerably appreciated!!

You can gain a AUX-in 3.5mm stereo plug placed as one option once you to buy the auto new. However it is usually easy to mount this by you yourself after since Fords seems to pre-wire most focuses so the just thing you have to do is come drill a hole and also mount the plug. Here please help : exactly how to attach to the AUX-in because that 6000CD (2007 Ford Focus)is a great explanation on how to execute it and how to order the plug from Ford. I did it and it works perfectly!Good luck!
I have actually a Peripheral PXAMG ipod connector that I use in my 2007 emphasis ZX3. It"s very straightforward to download (about 10 minutes) uses the aux entry button, and also is pretty straightforward to use. You remove the radio and plug in the PXAMG harness into the factory harness, connect the PXAMG unit and voila- ipod thru the radio!:hy: inspect out Peripheral electronics website for thorough info-Peripheral Electronicshere"s a action by step guide I provided to eliminate the radio and whatnot...HOWTO: Peripheral electronics ipod user interface to 05+ share headunit w/ AUX - emphasis Fanatics
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