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How to perform a Fuel Filter change on a Chevrolet SilveradoThings You"ll Need:Cold beverageContainer because that fuel2-ton+ JackJack stand or rampsOpen-end WrenchPressure gaugeShop towelsNew fuel filterChanging the fuel filter ~ above a Chevy Silverado is not much various that transforming the oil on most Chevy van models. Follow this how-to accuse to readjust fuel filter ~ above chevy silverado and also browse other articles to learn all about how to readjust the fuel filter top top chevy silverado through our repertoire of totally free tutorials and also silverado van discussion.The fuel filter is typically located along the framework rail that the vehicle. On some trucks it may have been relocated come the engine compartment. On GM trucks the filter is usually located on the within of the driver"s side frame rail around halfway back. As soon as in doubt, map a fuel heat from the engine backwards or indigenous the tank front in order to locate the filter. Many trucks utilize a spin-on fuel filter located on the frame rail. This filter can be turn counterclockwise after the fuel push is relieved.When to change the Fuel FilterA clean fuel filter in your Chevy Silverado truck way clean fuel injectors and also a clean fuel press regulator. Transforming the fuel filter also extends fuel pump life. Change the fuel filter in your truck every 30,000 come 40,000 mile to keep the fuel device in optimal condition. Follow the instructions listed here to readjust the fuel filter on a vehicle that walk not have actually a flex fuel system.

fuel filter
Jan 20, 2010
Fuel filter because that silverado and sierra trucks.
StepsMake sure you disconnect the negative battery cable prior to you begin to prevent any sparks igniting fuel vapors.Loosen the fuel tank cap to relax the vapor pressure in the fuel tank.

january 20, 2010
Gas cap.
You must locoate the fuel press regulator. It"s around the size of a walnut and also is situated on the drivers side fuel rail for the 5.3 liter V8.

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Place the bleed water tap of the gauge right into a container the will hold the overfill fuel. Open the gauge valve to bleed the mechanism pressure. Surround the fuel pressure valve v a shop towel as you connect a press gauge come the fuel push valve come absorb leaks. Drain any fuel that continues to be in the gauge right into the container. This can additionally be done by cranking the engine to relax the push in the system.