Where"s the fuel filter located in a Chevy Malibu 2013? i can"t find any totally free info around it digital (might pay for among those services like alldatadiy), however message plank speculate it"s integrated within the fuel pump inside the gas tank - is that correct? Considering this tendency in newer cars, ns wouldn"t be surprised.

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Also, I"m curious if it"s worthwhile having it replaced because my Malibu 2013 is coming approximately the 100k mark. Ns can"t imagine a filter (or also a "lifetime filter") allowing the same circulation after so countless miles.


Like most modern cars, the filter is located inside the pump assembly in the fuel tank. To mine knowledge, you"d have to go aftermarket to purchase the filter aspect only; they space all "pump assemblies," these days. With modern-day gas and modern-day fuel tank/lines, there simply isn"t that much rust or debris in fuel anymore.

Unless you are having actually symptoms or have actually low push at the rail, the developed in filter is probably doing fine.


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