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Was wonder if someone could tell me how frequently the time belt ~ above a 2011 Pilot need to be changed.Also would favor to recognize the tell story signs and also if i should readjust the water pump and also thermostat at the same time to conserve money ~ above the labor.This to be recommended to me by my mechanic.I have actually 99k on mine Pilot.Much appreciated.Thank youPaul

The usual time structure under common working problems used to it is in 7 year or 105k miles. That"s what I provided on mine truck. I readjusted it at around that term and likewise got the water pump changed at the same time. The thermostat is basic to obtain to and has naught to execute with the timing belt change. Don"t worry around the thermostat till you have an issue. Rather will likewise suggest replacing the tensioners together well. Approximately you.
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Isn"t over there a maintenance reminder that tells you when to change the belt? If not then 105k under normal conditions (no extreme temps, no towing, etc)

And yes, I would certainly also adjust the water pump and idler pulley. There room kits with all the parts your mechanic needs.

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My 2011 referred to as for the time belt at 104K. At the time I changed the time belt, time belt tensioner (original was bad, leaking), accessory belt and also plugs. I ordered a water pump and at the last minute decided to not replace it.Honda says to readjust the pump in ~ 200K or your 2nd timing belt change. I"ve excellent preemptive water pump changes only to have the replacement fail within a couple of months. Twice.I know why her mechanic is speak to execute it now because you need to remove the timing belt to gain to the pump. You would be adding a couple hours labor to the timing belt replacement matches a lot of labor to change the pump down the roadway if the fails.For me, I will certainly be law my own labor to replace the pump when it fails so ns am fine with taking it come the next timing belt change.
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Sub article "4" ~ above the maintain minder is for: change timing belt, change spark plugs and also inspect valve clearance. So if you check out this example A14 it"s time to carry out the high-quality deed.
I just bought a 2011 EX-L with 94,000 miles so I more than likely need to look in ~ doing the timing belt pretty soon, I are afraid calling the dealer together I bet it"s a tiny fortune to obtain it done.
Wow, just dubbed Ken Garff in Orem Utah and they want $930 out the door for timing belt, water pump and also all the other belts and also if the timing belt tensioner requirements it that"s one more $150, you"ve gained to be kidding me!!!
That"s why on any used Pilot purchase with those kind of mile you use that cost as a negotiating tool.
Call other dealers and ask if they have occasional coupons, mine does, $350 because that the timing belt alone, possibly twice that for the works.Call some great independent shops, too. It"s maintenance no a breakdown, you have actually time to plan ahead and get estimates.
Just referred to as for mine.. T-BeltDrive BeltWater pumpCoolant$750. They have $50 turn off coupon which will take it come $700. If tensioner is bad, an additional $150. Stated he seldom sees them bad... ?I have actually 10k till 105k miles... Not think I will certainly rush right into it best now. Ns ordered some spark plugs (spendy little buggers)... Gained them for $48 shipped for 6 with a $5 coupon and cost-free shipping v Sixity Auto. You need to put in the yes, really NGK component number because that the $53 price (before coupon). If you walk by car make they try to fee you $60 for the very same plugs!So ns will change the plugs now at the very least when they obtain here.
Wow, just dubbed Ken Garff in Orem Utah and they want $930 out the door because that timing belt, water pump and also all the various other belts and if the time belt tensioner demands it that"s an additional $150, you"ve acquired to it is in kidding me!!!
That price is reasonable. Lots of labor. I"ve been quoted much greater for my Acura TL due to the "Acura" label. You have the right to save a few $ utilizing a non-Honda shop and parts. acquire what you salary for. Are you comfortable v a DIY job?
Wow, just referred to as Ken Garff in Orem Utah and they want $930 the end the door because that timing belt, water pump and all the other belts and if the timing belt tensioner requirements it that"s one more $150, you"ve got to be kidding me!!!
I as well have referred to as Ken Garf Honda in Orem and also they quoted my $1,080. What walk you end up doing? What to be the condition of your timing belt? my Pilot is an 06 v 83,000 top top it. I"ve been calling around and also all the shops I"ve referred to as so much are approximately $1,000 job.

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