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Hi guys,I am brand-new here. I just crossed the 37k mile mark on my charger and also "BAM", that inspect engine irradiate popped on! took it to autozone and also it read P0520 or oil pressure sensor faulty. I bought the brand-new sensor and a socket come fit it, however I can"t find the location. Autozone didn"t have actually a book and wasn"t able come look up the location on your computer. Can anyone assist me with this. I"m sure it can"t be too facility to change a sensor.... If friend can find it that is. I couldn"t discover it anywhere on google or youtube. Automobile is just barely the end of the bumper to bumper warranty. Any help would be substantially appreciated. Many thanks in advance!:surprise:

I believe it is at the rear peak of engine under input manifold and manifold needs to come off to acquire to it. Hope someone has actually an much easier solution. Sent out from mine SM-N910T using Tapatalk
The oil push switch is ~ above the ago side the the oil cooler assembly. The upper and also lower intake manifolds should be taken off to accessibility the oil pressure switch. Inspect to check out if friend have any aftermarket guarantee that would certainly cover it, the sensor is extended up come 36,000 miles, it can be a an excellent idea to see if her dealership would certainly goodwill the part.
I am having actually the specific same problem, password p0520. Has anyone made this fix themselves? I"d prefer to view some pics prior to I go all in. I have actually seen some videos and pics elsewhere, but they don"t present a most detail.Thanks.
Just had actually mine done under warranty ns was considering doing that myself looked nice easy simply time consuming less than 50$ in parts. Glad ns didn"t. The sensor finished up gaulding and stripped the object on oil cooler they had to replace that however was free since they walk it. So be careful if it starts to acquire tight again and shot to work-related it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I am having the precise same problem, code p0520. Has anyone do this repair themselves? I"d favor to see some pics prior to I walk all in. I have actually seen part videos and pics elsewhere, yet they don"t show a the majority of detail.Thanks.
I had actually to carry out it on my wife"s 2013 Chrysler 200 V6. Pretty straightforward if girlfriend buy the socket to gain the sensor the end (it is easily accessible at many auto stores because that $10, the is a "special" 1 1/16 deep socket--see pic 2). Remove upper & reduced intake manifolds, the sensor is the huge LOWER one on the earlier off the oil filter/cooler real estate (see pic 1). Execute NOT eliminate the oil filter housing unless you want to do a large oil & anti freeze mess--you don"t have to remove that if you have the exactly sensor socket.This is a high failure part on both the V6 and also Hemi.

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I to be told the brand-new sensor is less prone to fail so make certain if you do it yourself it"s the more recent sensor. Edit: mine failed at 26000Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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