Thirty secs to Mars is a rock tape based in Los Angeles, California, US. It was created in 1998. As of 2020, it contains two members: Jared Leto and Shannon Leto.

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Meaning and also history

The band’s intuitive identity has undergone plenty of transformations. The musicians have experimented with assorted emblems and also wordmarks, although over there has also been a pair of recurrent elements.

Let’s track the changes based on the album covers

30 seconds to Mars (2002)

The an initial album functions the 30 secs to Mars logo design in red. The number “30” dominates the design, while the remainder of the band’s surname is set in much smaller letters below. The type, though, appears to be the same – the form with squarish basis yet slightly rounded corners.

The most unusual part is, that course, the shaft on the right. The is made up of four symbols feather like ancient runes. Everything these icons are, they do not expose their an interpretation to the layman. What we understand for certain is that they i can not use been shown as definition “30 seconds to Mars.”

If you take it a closer look, girlfriend will an alert another emblem, the Phoenix. The mythic bird is illustrated on the sleeve of the white jacket worn by the boy, that is the main character of the album cover. The course, you will certainly only an alert the bird if you’re acquainted with it because it is only fifty percent visible.

The boy’s photo on the album covering is black-and-white, therefore the phoenix is additionally given utilizing these two colors. Yet, typically, the Phoenix top top the 30 secs to Mars logo design is red. End its body, you can see the same four “runes” as on the wordmark, only now they are white within gray circles. The bird has actually its wings spread out wide. The is encircled by the surname of the band and their motto “Provhito in Altum” (meaning “Launch forth into the deep” in Latin). The musician nicknamed the Phoenix logo “Mithra.”


A Beautiful lie (2005)

The wordmark remains red, although the shade grows lighter. The typography is different. Words “Mars” currently dominates the design, while the figure “30” has actually been replaced by words “thirty.” The squarish font has been replaced by one with classic oval proportions.

To the appropriate of the wordmark, over there is a one album housing two skulls and one that the “runes,” which is only partly visible.

This Is war (2009) and Love, Lust, Faith, and also Dreams (2013)

The surname of the tape is set in a simple, perfectly legible, and also generic all-caps sans. The runes room gone.

We should allude out, though, that through the relax of your 2009 album, the band unveiled a new emblem nicknamed the Triad. Its three sides stand for the three members that the group.

America (2018)

This album was released with ten version of the cover. They share a tiny yet distinctive emblem. Although that reminds the “rune” emblems native the past album covers, the shape is new. In the center, there is an it is intended triangle. It has an additional horizontal bar parallel come its lower side. Also, over there is a long vertical line going through its top, which makes the triangle resemble one arrowhead.

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The arrowhead Thirty secs to Mars logo is frequently featured on their merchandise.