The basic is component of Delano, CA righteousness district, which has 0 infrastructure in total.

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3,871 populace
2,448 capacity
Delano, CA Judicial ar

Locating one Inmate in Kern valley State prison (KVSP)

The best means to situate or gain information of any type of inmate right now incarcerated in Kern valley State prison (KVSP) is to contact the State jail for info on the inmate or visit them online at

Be authorized

Make sure an inmate you are visiting have actually placed you on your approved visiting list.

Be all set to Kern sink State jail (KVSP) Visiting rules

For details on official policy that outlines the regulations and procedures because that visiting a Kern sink State prison (KVSP) inmate contact the facility straight via 661-721-6300 call number.

Visitation Days and Hours

Kern sink State prison (KVSP) State Prison has actually visiting hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays. For an ext information on as soon as you deserve to visit an inmate and get directions call the State jail directly.

Visiting a Kern valley State prison (KVSP) inmate on holidays:

The inmate will certainly be notified as to any type of changes to the "normal" visitation schedule because of holidays and/or any type of special commitments.

USP general Visiting hrs
Sat8:00 to be - 2:30 PM
Sun8:00 to be - 2:30 PM
Hol8:00 to be - 2:30 PM

How come Send a Mail/Care Package to an Inmate?

Inmates have the right to receive letter from their household members and friends, as well as packages from residence with prior created approval from the inmate"s unit team or authorized employee member in ~ Kern sink State prison (KVSP).

To make sure the mail and also package you are sending out comes under authorized item list and also for an ext clarification call the State Prison management at 661-721-6300.

You can also shot to contact the facility by getting to out come them on society media platforms. Visit their Facebook web page here.

For sending a mail or a care package to an Kern valley State jail (KVSP) State jail inmate you should have actually the adhering to information ~ above the parcel:

Inmate mail 1 Inmate letter 2 Freight and also non-USPS parcels employee Mail

Inmate"s Name and also CDCR number Kern sink State jail Facility "A", P.O. Box 5101, Delano, CA 93216 facility "B", P.O. Box 5102, Delano, CA 93216 basic "C", P.O. Crate 5103, Delano, CA 93216 facility "D", P.O. Crate 5104, Delano, CA 93216 facility "M", P.O. Box 5105, Delano, CA 93216 ASU1, P.O. Box 5107, Delano, CA 93216 ASU2, P.O. Box 5106, Delano, CA 93216

Staff surname Kern valley State prison P.O. Box 3130 Delano, CA 93216-6000

How to Send Money come an Inmate?

All money orders must be sent straight to Consolidated bank at the attend to below: supplies public and also private sources of info to supply you through search results. We carry out not originate, create, or manage that information, and also we cannot guarantee the the information will be precise or as much as date. You need to review and also accept our terms of Service and Privacy Policy before using ours services.

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