Dry vs fluid Measuring Cups: once do you usage each one? Why are there two kinds of measure up cups? Learn exactly how to measure up dry ingredients, just how to measure wet ingredients and also the finest measuring cups and also spoons for every ingredient. 

Measuring cups are different for a reason: wet and also dry ingredients go in different vessels. Make sure you understand the distinction so her baked items turn out perfect every time.

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I’ve been baking and cooking my entirety life so i take measuring cup for granted. I’ve constantly had various sets: one because that wet and one because that dry. To me, measure up ingredients because that baking making use of the appropriate vessel is a no brainer. However, over the years of blogging and also watching friend bake, I’ve realized that measuring ingredient isn’t something the everyone learns.

While cooking can it is in forgiving if you usage too lot of an ingredient, baking is not. Baking is a science, therefore measuring is very important. We need to know the difference between measuring cups, spoons and also beakers and when to use each one.

Is there yes, really a difference in between Liquid and also Dry measure Cups?

In a word, yes. YES there is a difference in between different kinds of measuring cups. There room liquid measure cups and measuring cup for dry ingredients and also they must only be supplied for their respective items.

While both liquid and also dry measure up cups have the same volume, each kind of cup is engineered to accurately measure up their corresponding ingredients.

A dry measure cup (often marketed in nested sets of 4 cup or more) is draft to to fill to the brim through the dried ingredient. Over there is little worry about sloshing ingredients over the side as soon as you’re measuring flour or sugar. This cups are designed to fill and level without packing (because the just ingredient you load is brown sugar).

A wet measuring cup, on the other hand, is designed wherein the measure is listed below the height of the cup. The way, you deserve to fill the measure cup to the correct measure without spilling when you carry the ingredient to your mixing bowl.

Wet measuring cups are usually marketed in cup increments (1-cup or 2-cup measures all in one, etc) or together beakers.

Measuring spoons room the just all-purpose measure up tool. You measure both wet and also dry in measuring spoons, unless you have actually beakers with little measures ~ above them.

**For a perform of every my desired measuring cups and spoons, check out the bottom that this post.**

Knowing how to measure up ingredients for baking is vital to the outcome of your recipe.


What is a dry measuring cup?

Dry measuring cup are supplied for measuring solid (dry) ingredients like flour, sugar, oats, or baking powder. They’re make from plastic, steel or porcelain and are offered in sets.

The conventional 4 measure cup sizes are: 1 cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup and also ¼ cup. V those 4 cup sizes you have the right to measure dry ingredients for any type of recipe.

How to use a dried measuring cup:

Spoon or scoop ingredients into the measure cup. Use the ago of a kitchen knife or other flat surface come level off the top.Only fill ingredients if they speak “packed”, except for brown sugar. Brown street is always measured packed uneven otherwise specified.

Measuring spoons are used for wet or dry ingredients.

The only time it’s fine to mix wet and dry ingredient actions is when you’re utilizing a measure spoon.

Measuring spoons space made of steel or plastic and come in set of 5 or 6 spoons: 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon and sometimes ⅛ teaspoon. They should additionally be measured and also leveled.

Using a range is the many accurate means to measure dry ingredients

Any skilled will convince you that you require a scale to measure up dry ingredients. While this is correct, it’s no logical because that most family members who have measuring cups. Many regular people have grown increase measuring in measuring cups, not weighing their ingredients, and in America us don’t use the metric system, so a scale deserve to complicate things also more.

However, if you desire to be exactly accurate and also are making use of recipes that call for ounces or grams, you’ll want to use a scale.


The ideal liquid measure up cups have a range of sizes and also measuring units

A liquid measuring cup is designed come measuring the volume of liquid required for a recipe. Fluid measuring cups come in all sizes, materials and forms. The traditional liquid measure up cup has actually ⅓ and also ¼ cup marks as well as ml and ounces.

Liquid measuring cups space made to to fill to the measure up line with a little bit of room above it so that you can obtain it from wherein you’re filling it to her mixing bowl without spilling.

I think it’s finest to have a few different sizes of measuring cups (1-cup, 2-cup and a 4-cup are standard).

How to measure liquid in a measuring cup:

Place the measure cup on a level surface. Include the liquid to the wanted measure.Squat down to eye level with the measure up cup and, as soon as the liquid remains still, make sure it is in ~ the level that the mark you want.Don’t host the measure cup to check if it’s level: if you relocate your hand girlfriend won’t be able to tell.


Beaker measuring cup can assist you measure smaller sized liquid amounts.

A more recent product, these beaker measure cups are a fun means to measure liquids. You can obtain them approximately 1-cup size, yet I love using the smaller sized sizes in place of measure up spoons because that measurements less than a tablespoon. It’s much easier to measure vanilla extract and also transfer it come a bowl in a beaker than a measure spoon.

These beaker measuring cups are also nice as soon as you’re make cocktails because girlfriend can easily measure 1 oz of liquid.

Liquid measure cups also make it much easier to measure up ounces and also milliliters.


A sticky measuring cup is perfect because that liquids the are an ext solid.

There are certain wet ingredients that are hard to measure up in a timeless liquid measuring cup. Take peanut butter, for example: it’s nearly impossible to measure up peanut butter in a liquid measuring cup and also it’s not really a dried ingredient…so what measure cup execute you use?

For things favor peanut butter or yogurt or applesauce, you should use a dried measuring cup. It’s easier to measure these directly up to the optimal of the measure cup and also not spill it top top the means to the mixing bowl. It’s lot harder to measure up these ingredients in a liquid measuring cup and also it’s really frustrating come clean a dried measuring cup that’s had peanut butter in it.

That’s why a sticky measure up cup is the perfect ship to measure up things prefer peanut butter or honey or even yogurt or sour cream. These measuring cup are favor a push-pop (remember those?) girlfriend measure her ingredients in the pipe then press it out. Straightforward to measure, basic to clean.

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If girlfriend don’t have actually a sticky measuring cup and need to measure up corn syrup or love husband or another sticky ingredient I have a pointer for basic removal:

Spray your measuring cup through nonstick cooking spray prior to measuring out a difficult ingredient choose honey. The difficult ingredient will pour right out of your measuring cup easily!

Using the right kind of measure up cup will certainly ensure baking success every time.

The finest liquid measuring cups:

The finest dry measuring cups & spoons:


Choosing the right measuring cup is among the most important things you’ll do when you’re baking. Make sure to usage dry measuring cup for dry ingredients and also liquid measuring cup for wet ingredients!