Alternatively 7/200 is the same as 3.5/100 and also we understand we can write this together 0.035.

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7/200 is the exact same as saying 7 separated by 200. Also, please note that we can write as 7.000 ( we could bring on writing an additional 1million zeros ~ the decimal point and this still would certainly not impact the value of the 7. That all about place value. We still have 7 in the systems place, complied with by a wire of zeros after the decimal point. Therefore:

7.000 split by 20 = 0.035

I not know just how to describe this on hear, however you deserve to use long department if you require to display all her working. I"ll have actually a go anyways.

7.0 divided by 20 = 0.0 (think around taking the 7 behind the decimal suggest and make it 0.70 - girlfriend can think about this the exact same as speak 70 divided by 20 at this point.)


7.00 divided by 20 = 0.03 through remainder 0.01 (think around taking the 7 behind the decimal allude and make it 0.700 - friend can consider this the exact same as saying 700 divided by 200 in ~ this allude which 3 v a remainder the 100) you will to include this 0.01 come the remainder of her division.


7.000 = 0.035 (follow this very same principle as above to see how this was done!!!!)

I to be not sure I have described this really well, yet it is just one of those troubles where you have to see the person challenge to confront for them to benefit. Just apply long department to this. If you understand long division then you are an excellent to go!!!!

Good luck.

ok........ Fine you uncover the square source of 200, and multiply that by 42. You then add 2, subtract 2, then include 2 again. You should come up v Pi. Repeat a couple times until you realize, i should have used a calculator in the very first place.

remember 7/200= 7 two hundreths

then remember the a portion is a department problem

so division 200 right into 7 and get 28.57142857

Source(s): me

(7 / 2) / 100

= 3.5 / 100

= 0.035

Do long department or usage a calculator.

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