Is it a manufacturing facility alarm? If so, the just thing you have the right to do is revolve the vital to the operation position and let it sit for about 10+ minutes. That way it should start. Also, if that is a variable alarm, you need to take it to a dealer to have it repaired. They space the only ones with the ideal test equipment to determine the problem.Please monitor this guide. Https://

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electric problem1997 Buick Lesabre 6 cyl front Wheel journey Automatic The alarm mechanism will occasionally go turn off intermittently while sit in the driveway. The other concern deals v the security light. As soon as the auto is in drive, the protection light will show up on the dash and also blink or stay on for numerous minutes. Does the alarm system need to be reset, or is this a much more serious problem?

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The PASS-Key(R) II system controls the "SECURITY" indicator. In normal operation, the PASS-Key(R) 11 module controls the lamp only when the ignition is ON. Over there are 4 PASS-Key(R) II device bulb settings as follows.Bulb Check. As soon as the ignition is very first turned on, the SECURITY" indicator illuminates for around five seconds to indicate the system is operation correctly. Refer to the following bulb symptoms, if the bulb inspect does not operate. Bulb remains Illuminated and also Engine Starts. If the "SECURITY" indicator stays illuminated ~ the engine starts, this is an indication the the PASS-Key II module is analysis an open, quick or untrue resistance value. Verify that the PASS-Key II module connection at the basic of the steering pillar is appropriately connected and also that a an excellent ignition key is being used. Bulb continues to be Illuminated and Engine Does not Start. If the "SECURITY" indicator continues to be illuminated while and after attempting to begin the engine and the engine does no crank or start, this shows that the PASS-Key II module has sensed an improper an essential value and has disabled the engine and collection the disable timer. This especially does not mean that the an essential sense circuit is open or shorted to chassis ground, refer to "Bulb Flashes and also Engine Does not Start." See: Testing and also Inspection remove the an essential from the ignition and also verify the is the correct vital code for the vehicle. The crucial code might be checked making use of J 35628-A and comparing the vital code to that of other secrets for the vehicle. After waiting about 3 minutes because that the disable time to expire and the "SECURITY" indicator to go out, try to start the engine with a known great key v the proper an essential code. Bulb Flashes and Engine Does no Start. If the "SECURITY" indicator flashes as soon as per 2nd and the engine does no start, this indicates that the PASS-Key II module sensed an open, a brief or otherwise invalid (value suitable none that the available 15 key codes) input native the ignition vital resistor input. The PASS-Key II module walk not start the disable timer throughout this procedure mode. This operation mode could likewise be caused by a malfunctioning strength or ground circuits.