Is there a country starts through W?

There are no known sovereign claims that begin with the letter W. In fact, W and also X room the only alphabetic letter that carry out not have any kind of countries beginning with that letter.

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Which nation in the UK starts with W?

None. According to A-Z perform of Country and also Other Area Pages, no nation starts through the letter W. Wales is a part of the joined Kingdom and also is not a sovereign nation(the UK is).

How numerous countries end in the letter W?

The just country, in the perform of 232 countries that ns have, the contains any kind of three the those letter is “South Georgia and also South Sandwich Islands” which contain TG & W.67 nations contain a T 36 countries contain a G 14 countries contain a W 16 countries contain a K What nations end in the letter w?

Which is the very first country in the world to begin with W?

Countries that start with W Name populace Western Sahara 611,875 Wallis and Futuna 11,094

What space some nations that start with X and also W?

In fact, W and X room the just alphabetic letters that do not have any countries start with the letter. The letter O, Q, and also Y start the surname of one country each, written of Oman, Qatar, and also Yemen respectively.

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Why walk Wales begin with the letter W?

Some could be rapid to suggest out the Wales, which is considered a country, starts through the letter W. But Wales is actually part of a bigger “sovereign state,” the UK, and is no a member the the United countries (UN). Together a result, the is frequently not had in official totals that countries.

What are some US says that begin with the letter W?

Washington is a state situated on the Pacific Northwest section of the joined States. Wyoming. Wyoming is a state located in the mountain an ar of the US. West Virginia.

What space some urban that begin with the letter W?


Waco Texas. Waldorf Maryland. Walnut Creek California. Waltham Massachusetts. Warner Robins Georgia. ♥ Warren Michigan. Warwick Rhode Island. ♥ Washington Washington D.C. Ar of Columbia. Waterbury Connecticut.

What country name starts v the letter W?

Places beginning With the Letter W Wales. Wales is a nation that is component of the good Britain Island and the unified Kingdom. Western Sahara. West Sahara stays a disputed an ar of north Africa. West Samoa. Western Samoa is an independent state, having a unitary houses of parliament democracy with eleven bureaucratic divisions. WA Self.