Over hill, end dale,Thorough bush, thoroughly brier,Over park, end pale,Thorough flood, thorough fire!I execute wander everywhere,Swifter 보다 the moon"s sphere;And I serve the Fairy Queen,To dew her orbs top top the green;The cowslips tall her pensioners be;In your gold coats spots girlfriend see;

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Those be rubies, fairy favours;In those summer sprouts live their savours;I should go look for some dewdrops here,And cave a pearl in every cowslip"s ear.

পরীর গান ।।ইউলিয়াম শেক্সপীয়ার(bn)

I just adore Shakespeare. This poet will live ~ above forever in our hearts and minds.He is truly among the greats.

This fairy song is truly an extremely inspiring and motivational poem. This attracts readers time come time to recite it and its wonderful herbal fragrance. Complete natural scene comes alive and also talks to us with new value and hope. This city is wonderful one.**

Hanging on the surface of each petal of European swarm yellow flowers dew autumn look like pearl and also moon is reflect in this pearl. We check out moon"s smile and we check out the flowing river near dew drops. As soon as wind blows, dew drops circulation like stream. **

Moon"s sphere gossips with the fairy queen. Her orbits to water dew on eco-friendly forests and Earth mother receives her affectionate diamond drops. Dew prices here much more than the cost of Gold. Summer sprouts drink the dews. We have to seek the priceless dew drops. **

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