one edge bisector is a heat or ray the divides one angle into two congruent angles .


In the figure, the ray K M → bisects the edge ∠ J K together .

The angle ∠ J K M and ∠ together K M space congruent.

So, m ∠ J K M = m ∠ l K M .

note that any suggest on the edge bisector is equidistant native the 2 sides the the angle. Some textbooks call this edge Bisector to organize , however this surname is usually offered for an additional theorem around angle bisectors in a triangle.

example :


In the figure, B D → is an edge bisector. Uncover the measure up of ∠ A B C .

since B D → is an angle bisector,

m ∠ C B D = m ∠ A B D


m ∠ C B D = 65 °

by the Angle enhancement Postulate,

m ∠ A B C = m ∠ A B D + m ∠ C B D .


m ∠ A B C = 65 ° + 65 °                                         = 130 °

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