Intersecting currently Transversal angles made through a Transversal Transversal the Parallel present Checking for Parallel LinesIntersecting Lines

Two currently are claimed to it is in intersecting currently if they have a common point. That is to be noted that if two right lines intersect each other, they deserve to intersect in ~ exactly point and that allude is said to be the Intersecting point of those 2 lines.

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In the figure, there room two lines and also are two right lines and also P is a common point. Here, us say the the right lines room intersecting at the point P and also the allude P is referred to as the Intersecting suggest of those two lines.

The blackboard top top its stand, the letter Y consisted of of line segments and the grill-door that a home window are instances of Intersecting Lines.


A transversal is any kind of line that intersects 2 or more lines in the same airplane but in ~ distinct points. Road crossing two or more roads or a railway line crossing several various other lines are instances of transversal.

The transversal is stated to reduced the two lines the it crosses.


Angles make by a Transversal

If we attract two parallel lines and then draw a line transversal v them us will gain eight various angles.The eight angles will certainly together form four bag of matching angles.


Angles F and B in the figure over constitutes one of the pairs. Matching angles space congruent if the 2 lines space parallel. All angles that have the same position with regards to the parallel lines and the transversal are corresponding pairs. Angles that are in the area between the parallel lines prefer angle H and also C over are called Interior angles whereas the angle that are on the exterior of the 2 parallel lines like D and G are dubbed Exterior angles.Angles that are on the opposite sides of the transversal are called Alternate angles e.g. H and also B.

Angles the share the same vertex and also have a typical ray, like angles G and also F or C and B in the figure above are dubbed Adjacent angles. Together in this case where the surrounding angles are formed by two lines intersecting we will get two pairs of adjacent angles (G + F and also H + E) that space both supplementary. Two angles that are opposite each other as D and also B in the figure above are called vertical angles. Vertical angle are constantly congruent

Transversal the Parallel Lines

If 2 parallel present are cut by a transversal, every pair of matching angles is same in measure.


When t cut the parallel lines, l, m, us get, ∠3 = ∠7 (vertically the opposite angles).But ∠7 = ∠8 (corresponding angles). Therefore, ∠3 = ∠8, an in similar way ∠1 = ∠6. ThusIf 2 parallel currently are cut by a transversal, each pair of alternating interior angle is equal.

The second result is ∠3 + ∠1 = 180° (∠3 and also ∠1 kind a straight pair), however ∠1 = ∠6 (A pair of alternate interior angles) Therefore, we deserve to say that ∠3 + ∠6 = 180°.Similarly, ∠1 + ∠8 = 180°.

Thus, if two parallel lines are cut by a transversal, then each pair of interior angles top top the same side that the transversal space supplementary.

Checking because that Parallel Lines

If 2 lines room parallel, climate we recognize that a transversal offers rise to bag of equal matching angles, equal alternative interior angles and also interior angles on the very same side that the transversal gift supplementary.When a transversal cuts 2 lines, such the pairs the corresponding angles are equal, climate the lines need to be parallel.

Look in ~ the letter Z, the horizontal segments right here are parallel, because the alternate angles room equal. When a transversal cuts 2 lines, such that pairs of alternating interior angles space equal, the lines need to be parallel.


Draw a line l. Draw a line m, perpendicular come l. Again attract a heat p, such that ns is perpendicular come m. Thus, ns is perpendicular to a perpendicular to l.We find p is parallel come l. This is due to the fact that p such the ∠1 + ∠2 = 180 degree.

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Thus, once a transversal cuts 2 lines, such the pairs of inner angles top top the very same side of the transversal space supplementary, the lines have to be parallel.

Summary as soon as two present meet, us say they intersect; the meeting point is called the point of intersection. Once lines drawn on a sheet of paper do not meet, however far produced, we speak to them to it is in parallel lines. When two lines crossing (looking like the letter X) we have actually two bag of the opposite angles. Lock are called vertically the opposite angles. They are equal in measure. A transversal is a line the intersects 2 or much more lines at unique points. A transversal provides rise come several species of angles. We have actually learnt about six types of angle Interior,Exterior, Corresponding, alternative interior, alternating exterior, inner on the same side of transversal. Once a transversal cuts two parallel lines, we have actually the following interesting relationships: each pair of matching angles is equal. Each pair of alternate interior angle is equal. Each pair of internal angles top top the very same side the transversal is supplementary.

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