The procedure through which water, ice, wind, or gravity moves fragments of rock and also soil.

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SEDIMENTSmall, solid particles of material from rocks or organisms which are moved by water or wind, resulting in erosion and deposition.
DEPOSITIONThe procedure through which sediment settles out of the water or wind that is moving it, and is deposited in a new area.
MASS MOVEMENTAny one of several procedures by which gravity moves sediment downhill.
RUNOFFWater that flows over the ground surchallenge fairly than soaking into the ground.
RILLA tiny groove in soil made by flowing water.
GULLYA huge channel in soil developed by erosion.
STREAMA channel through which water is continually flowing downhill.
RIVERA huge stream.
TRIBUTARYA stream that flows into a larger stream.
DRAINAGE BASINThe land area from which a river and its tributaries collect their water.
DIVIDEA ridge of land that separates one drainage basin or watermelted from another.
FLOOD PLAINA wide, flat valley with which a river flows.
MEANDERA looping curve created in a river as it winds with its flood ordinary.
OXBOW LAKEThe crescent-shaped, cutoff body of water that stays after a river carves a brand-new channel.
ALLUVIAL FANA wide, sloping deposit of sediment formed wright here a stream leaves a mountain variety.
DELTAA landcreate made of sediment that is deposited wbelow a river flows right into an sea or lake.
GROUNDWATERWater that fills the cracks and also pores in underground soil and also rock layers.
STALACTITEA calpoint out deposit that hangs from the roof of a cave.
STALAGMITEA cone-shaped calpoint out deposit that builds up from the floor of a cave.
KARST TOPOGRAPHYA form of landscape in rainy regions where tbelow is limestone close to the surchallenge, defined by caverns, sinkholes, and also valleys.
ENERGYThe capability to perform job-related or cause adjust.
POTENTIAL ENERGYEnergy that is stored and easily accessible to be provided later.
KINETIC ENERGYThe develop of energy an object has bereason of its motion.
ABRASIONThe grinding amethod of rock by other rock particles lugged in water, ice, or wind.
LOADThe amount of sediment that a river or stream carries.
FRICTIONThe force that opposes the movement of one surchallenge as it moves across another surconfront.
TURBULENCEA kind of water in which, fairly than relocating downstream, the water moves eexceptionally which method.
GLACIERA astronomical mass of ice and snow that moves progressively over the land also.
VALLEY GLACIERA long, narrow glacier that creates as soon as scurrently and ice build up in a hill valley.
CONTINENTAL GLACIERA glacier that covers a lot of a continent or huge island also.
ICE AGECold time period in Earth's background, in the time of which glaciers extended big parts of the surconfront.
PLUCKINGThe procedure through which a glacier picks up rocks as it flows over the land.
TILLThe sediment deposited straight by a glacier.
MORAINEA ridge developed by the till deposited at the edge of a glacier.
KETTLEA little depression that develops as soon as a chunk of ice is left in glacial till.
BEACHWave-waburned sediment along a coast.
LONGSHORE DRIFTThe movement of water and also sediment along a beach led to by waves coming into shore at an angle.
SPITA beach developed by longshore drift that projects favor a finger out into the water.
SAND DUNEA deposit of wind-blvery own sand also.
DEFLATIONWind erosion that removes surchallenge materials.

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LOESSA wind-created deposit made of fine pwrite-ups of clay and also silt.