Dear Aspirants,Welcome come Online computer system Quiz in Here we are giving sample inquiries in Microsoft Excel. It will certainly be beneficial for all SBI/IBPS/LIC exams and also other vain exams. We have likewise included some crucial questions the are repetitively asked in previous exams.

You are watching: A pie chart with one or more slices offset from the main portion is called a(n) ____ pie chart.

__________ is supplied to avoid unwanted alters to the data in a sheet by specifying what information deserve to be changed.A. Re-superstructure WorkbookB. Safeguard SheetC. Defend WorkbookD. No one of the above
A(n) ____ bring away a worth or values, performs one operation, and also returns a result to the cellA. OperationB. CellC. FunctionD. Argument
A pie chart through one or more slices balance out from the main part is referred to as a(n) _____ pie chart.A. ExplodedB. DetachedC. SeparatedD. Highlighted
You can emphasize a part of a pie graph by________it native the remainder of the slices so that stands out.A. OffsettingB. ImpactingC. EmbeddingD. Charting
To specify an absolute reference in a formula, get in a(n) ________before a column letter or a heat number.A. Percent signB. ApostropheC. Disagreement signD. Title
A cell referral with only one dissension sign prior to either the obelisk or the heat is referred to as a(n)_______.

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A. Combined cell referenceB. Loved one cell referenceC. Absolute cell referenceD. Incomplete cabinet reference
__________ display screens the place of different page division within the Worksheet.A. Frozen PanesB. Regular ViewC. Page break PreviewD. No one of the above
To centre worksheet titles across a range of cell, you should _______A. Use merge and center button to facility the text across multiple cellsB. Widen the columnsC. Check whether message is the same in one cell as in the nextD. Every one of the above
A quick means to return to a certain area that a worksheet is to form in the__________A. Surname boxB. Formula barC. Zoom boxD. None of the above
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