Places that begin with E

It would be an excellent to travel about the world knowing the name of the areas that start with E. Below are some areas from anywhere the civilization that begin with the letter E.

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Places in Europe that start with E


East Anglia: a region of east England that was previously a kingdom.

– If you space looking for cultural experiences and also rural escapes, East Anglia is the perfect place for you.

Egadi islands: a team of islands off the west shore of Sicily in the Mediterranean.

Egadi Islands space three tiny islands with distinct charming where people can enjoy an excellent food and also relax.

Eindhoven: city in southeastern Netherlands noted for the electric industry.

– regardless of to be an old city, Eindhoven has a large display of contemporary buildings.

Elsass: a region of northeastern France famous for the wines.

Elsass landscapes and also natural scenarios would certainly be an excellent for a fairytale movie.

Places in Asia, that begin with E


East Indies: a group of islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans in between Asia and Australia.

East Indies was thought about as vital trading zone because many centuries ago.

Edo: the capital and also the biggest city that Japan; the financial and social center of Japan.

Edo was the previous name that Tokyo, now capital of Japan.


Esfahan: city in main Iran; former resources of Persia.

Esfahan’s Central Square is outstanding. A beauty un the middle of Iran.

Erivan: capital of Armenia.

– friend just have to look in ~ the Museum of arts and history in Erivan, to recognize Armenian affluent culture.

Places in Latin America that begin with E

Eastern Samoa: a United says territory on the eastern component of the island of Samoa.

-Tutulia is the biggest island in Eastern Samoa, but it worths to visit the 5 of them.

Ecuador: a republic in northwestern south America; came to be independent indigenous Spain in 1822; the landscape is conquered by the Andes.

Ecuador is a brand-new destination for retirees, in your majority, American citizens.

El Salvador: a republic ~ above the Pacific shore of central America.

El Salvador economy is based on its exports of assets like sugar, coffee, and also textiles.

Erie: a harbor city on Lake Erie in northwestern Pennsylvania.

– We went to the Bicentennial Tower at port Erie.

Places in Africa that start with E


El Aaiun: a town in Morocco near the Atlantic coast.

– Spanish influence have the right to be checked out in the old town of El Aaiun.

El Giza: an old Egyptian city on the west bank of the Nile opposite Cairo; website of three an excellent Pyramids and the Sphinx.

– You can not speak around El Giza without pointing out the pyramids.

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Entebbe: -a town in southern Uganda ~ above Lake Victoria; website of an international airport.